How times have changed ever since the coming up of social media even though the older generation of the 80s and 90s opine that their times were far better because you had no mobile phones to constantly focus your attention on but only TV, video games and comic books in the form of entertainment.

We have come a long way ever since those 90s days where now we can avail some interesting social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram but today we are going to talk about the most popular medium of all that has become an excellent medium for youngsters to utilize to their advantage.

No prizes for guessing which one it is because YouTube is a word that has become synonymous with entertainment and fun for the millennial folks but this streaming device has transcended generations because it is not just the new age folks that have taken to it but the older generations that grew up in the era of radio and transistor too got accustomed to it in a big way where they got to relive old memories.

Job Profile

You all are well aware as to how difficult it is to get a job in current times due to cut throat competition in all fields where the spoilt brats of the rich elite group get constant favoritism despite most of them possessing little to no talent to carry forward the legacy of their ancestors.

But luckily, YouTube proved to be a boon amidst the bane that surrounded many talented folks because they no longer have to look for a job profile that they have to match their credentials with rather they can create their own credentials through their hard work.

There are many people that view YouTube as a form of entertainment and for good reason because you can search and download different videos of your choice and subscribe to important channels that take your fancy be it songs, music, knowledge, movies, cooking, etc. to name a few.

You can also use a clip converter to convert various videos if you feel that the picture quality is not clear or there are technical glitches that often make the video not worth watching despite having good content as a necessary prerequisite.

The downloader is the tool through which you can download YouTube videos from time to time because there aren’t many options that you can look for in such circumstances and anyhow, many people prefer to download the content and then watch it in their time of leisure.

The video resolution has to be of high definition (HD) quality because even if the content on the video dates back to many years, HD print makes it appear as though it was made only yesterday.

While converting it into mp3 or mp4 format, the user interface has to be neat and clean while web based applications don’t require a separate platform but can be downloaded in the same format through online converters like Tubidy mobile where you can download videos into audio format but with the same tempo.

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