Due to the growing rate of travelling, people find new places to experience new things. This improves their vision of how they look at things and deal with issues. Many medical and psychological studies have also stated the benefits of travelling on the mind and body. Just like other places, Chicago also has some great tourist attraction places like Chicago Bean.

What is the idea behind creating this art piece?

Situated at the heart of Chicago, this art is among the many famous places. Another name given to this art piece is called Cloud Gate. It was made available for people in 2004, and it instantly became famous among them. The idea was brought in by Anish Kapoor, who has made popular sculptors like this one. Unlike other art made by him, this is the first one made to be showcased outside. This art creator has never been interested in naming his creation until the work is done completely. During the construction days, people always referred to art as The Bean. This is how it got its name. The creator is very popular for creating art with unique characteristics that can be put outside.

What is so great about the location of this art?

The location of the art has been chosen by considering all the important points. Millennium Park is one of the most famous parks in Chicago. This art piece is placed at the park entrance, so the visitors have to enter from under it. The location is very important because it fits best with the reflection features of the art. With the reflection’s help, the visitors can enjoy looking at the reflection of the park and the people moving around. The travellers and local people also visit the place to take fun selfies with their friends or family members. 

What is the meaning of this art?

Just like other sculptures, this art piece also has a lot of meaning hidden in it. The shiny surface of The Bean is the first thing that catches the attention of the travellers. The material used in making the surface is mercury in liquid form. It lets the people look at the reflection of the park and the things around it. This improves the experience of the people. People are also tempted to touch the surface because it is so shiny. Due to frequent touching, cleaning people need to come twice a day to handle the surface quality. 

Apart from the surface, the shape of The Bean makes the entrance of the park attractive. Since Cloud Gate is also called Cloud Gate, the entrance is the obvious place where it should have been located. With the reflection on the surface, the skyline can also be seen. This gives a different experience to the tourists. The metallic shape art gets the shape of a bean which contributes to getting the name The Bean. The shape of the art piece also changes according to the weather. 

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