One of the easiest ways to improve the look and feel of almost any type of garden is to simply add a water feature to it. Water features come in a variety of different forms and sizes, and since they add a sense of serenity to a garden too, they’re wonderful to put close to sitting areas, or within private garden spaces. Moreover, there’s this amazing writer and she writes extensively about cultivating flowers and fruits in the home garden that is quite helpful for individuals that are looking for some advice with their gardens. Water features also draw birds, bees, frogs, and other critters to the garden, and these can help you control pests on your plants and flowers naturally. Which type of water feature you put into your own gardens is a personal choice, so here we’ll look at the most popular options.

1. Simple Bird Baths

A birdbath can be a simple shallow bowl filled with water, and set out into your garden area. Birdbaths do a wonderful job of attracting birds, and you’ll have fun watching them play and bathe. Birdbaths can be sat onto the ground itself, but this makes it dangerous for the birds because cats can reach them easier. The best way to have a birdbath in your garden is to put it on a matching pedestal and make sure it’s several feet away from any tall bushes or shrubbery that cats may easily hide in.

2. Water Fountains

Water fountains are one of the most enjoyable water elements to place in a garden because the sound of moving water has a calming and soothing effect on most people. That sound also has a white noise effect, which serves to help block out everyday noise from neighbors or street traffic. Water fountains can be stand-alone elements you place in the center of your yard or nestle into a pretty perennial border garden. Water fountains also come as wall fountains, so they can be mounted near a garden bed or patio area instead.

3. Garden Ponds

Garden ponds are another popular water element for your garden, and these too can be designed in a wide variety of ways. You may choose to create a tropical oasis pond that is surrounded by lush tropical plants and greenery or create a fish pond that has plenty of activity to keep you entertained for hours on end.

4. Waterfalls

Waterfalls are another way to add water movement and sound to your garden, and they tend to work particularly well with garden ponds too. By keeping the water moving, you have all the benefits and pleasure of a water fountain, and they help keep your pond water clean and clear too. Wildlife usually prefers moving water as well, so a waterfall tends to attract many more birds and beneficial animals to your garden area.

5. Brooks and Streams

These work wonderfully in certain types of yards, but they can be difficult to create in others. If you have an existing area in your yard where water tends to run off naturally from the roof and rain gutters, then that may be the ideal place to put a small rock river bed. Then each time it rains, you’ll have a little babbling brook running through your garden.

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