Use Best Pokémon To Win Every Trainer Battle in Generation 6

You will be catching out engrossing trainer battles on the new Pokémon Go Generation 6. A total of 72 new Pokémon characters set to be released by Niantic in generation 6. We picked for you five best characters with some stats to be used while playing to level up your game and achieve good ranking among your peers on Ispoofer


It is one of the cute Fairy-type Pokémon that has amazing special self-defense of 130 and special attack, 110. Its ribbon feelers can easily distract its opponent which gives it a perfect opportunity to plant its attack.

  • Attack rating- 65
  • Defense rating- 65
  • Stamina- 206
  • Base speed-60
  • Favorite moves- Moon Blast and Dazzling Gleam
  • Fall back – Poison and Steel

A psychic/ ghost type mischief Pokémon is the one you shouldn’t miss on. It only falls weak against its own ghost species and dark attacks. It can teleport anyone anywhere in space with a loop. Its special attack capability is the major plus with ratings going as high as 150.

  • Attack rating- 110
  • Defense rating-60
  • Stamina-190
  • Base speed- 70
  • Favorite moves- Zen Head butt and Confusion
  • Fall back- Ghost and Dark 

Its Dragon snail hybrid qualities make it a well-balanced Pokémon that put up a fight against grass, water, electricity, and fire. The defense is its plus with special moves like sludge wave and ice beam. This cute dragon is all about power-packed punches and retractable horn attacks and slimy hugs.

  • Attack rating- 220
  • Defense rating-242
  • Stamina- 207
  • Base speed-80
  • Favorite moves- Dragon pulse as charge, sludge wave, and ice beam.
  • Fall back- It has limited dragon moves to be a high tier Pokémon – tail and breathe. Weak against ice, dragon, and fairy.

A Fairy-type mystical character will surely beat down many other powerful Pokémon. It has perfect dear traits with high base speed. It will be a sure win to battle it against dragon types. Its impressive attack ratings built its good repute. The glowing horn in seven colors gives a charming appeal.

  • Attack rating- 131
  • Defense rating- 95
  • Stamina rating-270
  • Base speed-99
  • Favorite moves- Dazzling Gleam, and Moon blast
  • Fall back – Steel and poison 


It is a Flying-type Pokémon that can turn anything to stone with its Dark Aura. It can be compared with Xerneas for its attacking capabilities. It can efficiently tackle ground and Psychic Type attacks but has a string of weakness. 

  • Attack rating- 131
  • Defense rating- 98
  • Stamina- 270
  • Base speed- 99
  • Favorite moves- Foul Play and Sucker Punch 
  • Fall back – Ice, electric, rock and Fairy-Type attacks

Other than these five, Florges, Zygarde, and Delphox also get an honorary mention as their potential to be strong opponents.

 Pokémon Go Generation 6 is set to be released this year. It was expected to be around July itself but the dates might delay due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, Pokémon fans are eagerly waiting for its arrival. Are you thrilled to play on Ispoofer?