Those days are long gone when you only get your hands on the old weed and hope to get the best results. But today, cannabis has become the most versatile weed plant, with plenty of strains to meet every desired effect. Whether you want to feel euphoric and energized, relieve the pain or anxiety, or control your senses, you can choose the Best CBD Bud suitable for your needs available on the market.

People should know that THC is the psychotropic compound available in cannabis that can alter your mental state and get you in the state of high, whereas CBD is a nonintoxicating compound present in cannabis that has relaxing effects along with other health benefits for the body. Individuals should know that taking a high-CBD strain may be ideal for those who are looking for a way to keep their head clear while getting relief from pain, stress, seizures, anxiety, inflammation, and many more.

Before diving into the list of high-CBD, low-THC, people should keep in mind that talking to a knowledgeable dispensary staff would get you the best CBD strain for meeting your specific needs. But visiting a weed dispensary with some prior knowledge can always come in handy for choosing the good cannabis strain.

To assist you in selecting the best CBD strain, here’s a list of top cannabis strains with high CBD. But you should remember that every strain will affect differently depending upon the person how their body reacts to CBD strains.

  • Suzy Q

Another on the list is Suzy Q that contains 10% CBD content and less than 1% of THC, giving out a piney taste. Most people described that it has an uplifting and relaxing effect on the mind and body and may aid in relieving you from arthritis, muscle spasms, nausea, chronic pain, and anxiety without making you feel high.

  • Harle-Tsu 

It is a cross between sour tsunami and harlequin, people should know that the harle-tsu CBD strain contains 22-24% of CBD and only 1% of THC, but this ratio can vary upon the seasons and the grower. The best thing is you won’t get high after consuming this product in a desirable manner.

With its high CBD content, you can get relief from inflammation and chronic pain. These strains can aid in relaxation and make you more focused, calm and happy. You should know that it has a subtle sweet taste with pine and pepper.

  • Ringo’s Gift 

Another high CBD strain contains 11-15% of CBD and only 1% of THC. But you should know that it also comes in a higher CBD strain, which is available in some places. And it seems to have a soothing feeling that begins from the head and flows down to the whole body. But it does not have a couch lock or sedative effect, where you aren’t able to get up. And most users claim that it aids with PTSD, pain relief, anxiety, sleep, and many more.

  • Charlotte’s Web 

It is the most popular high-cbd strain that you can found on the market; charlotte’s web features 13% of CBD content along with less than 1% of THC. You will be amazed to know that this cannabis strain is grown, especially for the Stanley Brothers, to manufacture charlotte’s web wellness and health products such as CBD capsules, gummies, oils, etc.

People must know that this strain can aid in managing seizures, muscle spasms, and chronic pain. Fortunately, a wide variety of flavors are available on charlotte’s web, but its natural flavor is described as having a delicate, sweet, and citrusy flavor.

These are the top cannabis strains that contain a higher percentage of CBD.

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