Three Ways To Get A Better Tarot Reading

Listen, I get it. You work hard for your moola and spirituality services can be high risk, high reward. For as many highly gifted and ethical individuals in this industry, there’s just as much a fair share of wannabe’s and entertainers. As a shrewd individual, you probably want to invest in an honest service. You wouldn’t take your car to an unverified mechanic to fix the radiator, so why would you invest in the services of an unqualified reader?

There is need to find out the best ways for the reading the tarot cards and understanding the amazonite meaning. It will allow you to boost the confidence and provides a better lifestyle to you. The gathering of the details about them to have the desired results to have the desired benefits. 

You want to get your money’s worth. You work really damn hard for your dollars! Right? Whether you seek a reading for entertainment and curiosity or hard-core life guidance, when you pay for a reading you’re essentially paying for a product or service just like a haircut or new tires for your car.

Like any other tool that you use in life, Tarot has a utility. The cards tell a narrative that helps you navigate life and gets the job done, whatever “the job” is for you. But this product, and its utility, is useless its own. The tool requires a technician. Someone who understands not only how the cards operate but more importantly, how they can do the correct job FOR YOU within the context of your current life circumstances.

When you want to be heard, we listen. When you need perspective, we can give an objective, third party perspective.

If you’ve established that a Tarot reading is the correct “tool” for you and you’ve chosen a trusted reader or “technician,” how can you be the best client and get the most value out of your reading? (bang for buck, experience, life guidance)

  1. Understand your reasons for getting a reading. Maybe you think it’s all for fun; added entertainment value for birthday parties or attractions at the Renaissance Faire and yet! Your curiosity gets the better of you and you want a reading. Or perhaps you’ve had experience with “for fun” readings and are ready to step up your game to an intuitive Tarot counseling session. Identify your level of investment, because this will help you identify which reader and environment is right for your needs. Want a reading for fun or curiosity? Nothing wrong with the Renaissance Faire. Committed to living a life path that’s oriented toward growth and clarity? You’ll probably want to dig a little deeper than entertainment booths.
  2. Find the right reader. If you’re new to this “realm” and haven’t caught wind of any word-of-mouth referrals (which is often the best for EVERYTHING), Google “new age bookstore” or “tarot reader in my area” (it’s the age of the Internet, you can decide the search terms). New age book stores often staff intuitives with whom you can book tarot readings of 15/2o min. increments. A quick, 15-minute reading is a great way to dip your toe in the Tarot water. Check online reviews and ask the bookstore if the readers have their own websites. From here, you can feel out if Margaret Theresa May with the long silk robes, or Jacyln with the cool-girl haircut, is more your vibe.*
  3. Ask a specific and empowering question. A good Tarot reader will help you formulate a question so you can receive a specific answer and actionable steps to conquer a problem or achieve a goal. A bad tarot reader will tell you to dump all of your nickles and dimes into a basket and then they’ll tell you that you’ll be a rich and famous rockstar. Readings are meant to serve you and contribute to your growth, not to bathe you in delusions of grandeur. Come to your reading with a simple but focused question so you can receive the specific guidance, such as “What trait or behavior do I need to strengthen within myself so that I perform better at work?” rather than “How come my boss won’t give me a raise?” See the difference? One question empowers you to change your behavior, the other keeps you in a state of victimhood and subordination.