Having such an enormous choice of fragrances that exist today, it may seem so easy to choose one really special for yourself. However, if you give it a second thought, you’ll understand that it is extremely difficult to catch that special tone that is truly YOURS. And smelling loads of scents may give a terrible headache, literally as well. Which is why you need to choose a perfect seller for your clothes and perfumes. We Offer Top Good Quality Cheap Clothes For Women And Men Clothing Wholesaler along with some of the most popular perfumes that are available in the market. 

But here are some easy ways of layering your fragrances and making it work better for you. Read these seven ways of wearing perfume and see how easy it is.

Franco Wright, the co-owner of the Scent Bar in Los Angeles, says that layering fragrance means making the right choice of your body wash and lotion. This can help to extend the scent throughout the day, make the fragrance last longer, as well as change the scent for different seasons and even wear it in unique ways.

  1. The Simpler the Better

Another Scent Bar co-owner, Adam Eastwood, says that “simplicity makes fragrances more approachable”. That is why today one and two-note fragrances are extremely popular. Such scents tend to be perfect for layering and they are “unfussy and casual at the same time” according to Eastwood. Scents based on vanilla, amber, and coconut are the easiest for layering because they go well with everything. However, statement perfumes like the iconic Chanel No. 5 should be distinct and can’t be overwhelmed with any layering.

  1. Understanding Your Fragrance Family

One very strict rule is to choose a bath and body products in the same fragrance family with your perfume: gourmand, citrus, or floral. A good decision is to buy the ancillary products to your favorite fragrance, which has matching body lotions, cleansers, shower gels, and other products. The fragrances can slightly differ, but they all would have one core scent. This will give a more intense and longer-lasting fragrance.

  1. Lotion will Change the Scent for the Season

It is good to change the scent for the cooler weather when autumn comes. Something darker and more exotic will match the cold half of the year. According to Wright, adding some amber will make a perfect choice instead of altering your fragrance. Amber works perfectly with anything, being warm and nuzzle, ideal for the night and cold seasons.

  1. Shower Gel is the Foundation

The scent of the body wash does not last long, but it really affects the perfume you wear. So, if your shower gel doesn’t match your fragrance, use something light and neutral, but remember that this is the foundation of your scent.

  1. Your Skin Should Be Moisturized

According to Franco Wright, the more your skin is moisturized, the longer your fragrance will last, irrespective of the foundation you choose (see point 4). Moisturizers contain special emollients that tend to prevent water and fragrance molecules from evaporating.

  1. Use it on Your Hair

Shampoo and conditioner can do little in terms of giving your hair a great smell. Here you can spritz some of your favorite fragrance on your hair, which is a great fragrance diffuser that can help you make an impression. But be careful, as Frederic Malle, the fragrance guru, warns about the fragrances high in alcohol, which can dry out your hair. Here special fragrances designed specifically for the hair can help like hair mists, fragrance oils, and other products.

  1. No Need to Worry about the Deodorant

The majority of the powdery, lightly-scented deodorants do not affect the fragrance. So there is no need to worry about how it works with your perfume, just keep using what works.

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