Over the years, technology has been continuously changing and developing. As a matter of fact., technology drastically affected the way business processes work. From the development of mobile devices to RM systems, to cloud computing software and others, it is no doubt that business processes changed through the power of technology. Some experts argue that technology drives business values in 4 different ways: automating manuals, enhancing connectivity, improving decision making and innovating products and services. Digital marketing is not an exemption. With the advancement of technology, digital printing, and even corporate printing can now experience the benefit of creating true value.  

One of the misconceptions about print ads is that it is already dead because of the continuous advancement of technology. But the truth is, the rise of digital printing has provide marketers the power to carry out small, targeted on-demand print runs. Actually, this is considered as a huge change from the old days of mass offset printing, when the materials used in marketing had to be generated in large quantities in order to achieve any kind of cost efficiency. The print industry is a huge market and compared to other industries out there, it is a competitive one. But as stated earlier, the rise of technology allowed the creation of cloud technology that enabled companies across the globe to effectively print locally for the first time. Print is still a powerful element in the marketing mix. It continues to have a place in the realm of marketing and anything related to it. This is also the reason why online brands like Airbnb launce print magazines in order to penetrate significant stakeholder. According to a study, 10bn business cards are printed in America every year and advertising print totaled 45 USD bn in 2013 and it has been continuously growing t 4.5 % every year. This growth is expected to continue to the year 2024. 

Despite the fact that lots of businesses have turned to digitalized processes which result in increased efficiency, ordering prints is still a very manual process for some companies. But today, printing s now handles in a different manner. When you ask some companies about their print process, the common reply would be ‘ we don not print that much’. While this may be true, some of the companies do not really know how much is being printed b their organizations. In most cases the cost of printing. 

Nowadays, the transformation of digital processes goes beyond printing technology. Paper reduction programmes have been centered about office printing. This means that all major office office software and printing machine suppliers have introduced new programs in order to educate businesses about it and to effectively strict and monitor office printing. 

In addition, commercial printing is not yet included in this kind of innovation driven by the goals of sustainability. Cloud technology also helps companies across the globe to efficiently print locally for the first time. These kinds of platforms also help companies to connect print houses around the world. For more information, you can check https://www.swissprinted.ch/flyer.html.


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