Perhaps, one of the most important role and significance of labels is that it provides information to the consumer on how to use a particular product along with the safety information especially for ingredients that are hazardous contained in the product. This is why product labels should be bounded in the several legislations before a product becomes available in the market. This will certainly depend on the type of product but generally, product labels should include the name of product, hazardous chemicals it contains, the manufacturer of the product, instructions for use, disposal information, storage conditions and even graphics and logos. 

Moreover, with the aid of technology, there are now different ways companies use to communicate to their customers. More than just labels, companies are now also using QR codes, videos on how to use the products, application, telephone helplines, and leaflets at point of the purchase. All of these platforms would assume the user has access to suitable technology such as the compatibility of the smartphone. But since not everyone can refer to these platforms, labels are still the easiest, most practical and affordable material that companies use in order to educate their customers about the product they offer.

Product labels also play a vital role in the perception of the customers towards the product. Some experts argue that the perception of different products does not only depend on marketing itself, but also on the label included with the item. Simply explained, product labels also contribute to the purchasing decision and behavior of the consumers. It pitches sale to the potential buyers and it can make all the difference between a pass or a buy. This is why it is important to include all the essential information in the label so that the customers would be aware immediately and can help them make an educated purchase. But most importantly, product labels will ensure the safety of the customers. There are some unfortunate future reactions that may experience the customers if they are uninformed. This includes allergy from a particular ingredient if it is not mentioned on the bottle of the product. As a matter of fact, FDA, requires labels to be put on p[products in order to ensure the quality control and consumer protection.

Product name labels also serves a s a solution for manufacturers to ensure quality control for all the labels opf the products. Some experts argue that one of the main reasons why lots of products fail is because of a communication error between type setters, design team and printers. This could result in some difficulties for the company such as inadequate information, translation mistakes and others. 

Companies and manufacturers must perform good practices of product labeling. This includes providing adequate information regarding the manufacturer, giving list of details for the ingredients used in the end product, providing a guideline on how to use the product, warnings and most importantly, the label should be very easy to read, comprehend and is visible. It should also include information such as expiry date, and manufacturing date made out in bold letters.

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