The First Night Home with Your New Puppy

Bringing home a cute little puppy is always a joy. Not only are you kids going to enjoy him, but he is also going to cure any bit of loneliness that you may have. You are going to need to remember that even though this is exciting, it is also very stressful for your four legged friend. You might be wondering the easiest way to make this transition an easy one. Below are a few ways to make the bringing home process a little smoother.

First night Home

The first night is always the most important. It will determine how well you and your new puppy with get along, as well as how your puppy reacts to new things. How you react to your puppy is also teaching him things about you and your way of life. Always remember that when getting a puppy it is important to show him that you are the one in control and that some behavior is just not acceptable.

Starting Off On the Right Foot

When you bring this puppy inside you are going to need to treat him how you want him to be treated. Greet him with love and affection and he will remember this and show you the same when you ceom home. Also, teach him right from wrong. If your puppy is into jumping and you don’t think this is acceptable, tell him no sternly and walk away from the situation. Remember, showing your dog attention is appealing to him, any attention is better than no attention

Making the Move Easier

I’m sure that the first night you bring him home youre going to want to love on your new addition. You are going to need to understand that this is a new place for him and that he is going to need some time to check out his surrondings. Let him sniff around a little, and dont follow behind him the whole way. Sometimes too much attention is a bad thing and may make him want to be alone more than with you. Learn his personality before you start cudding up to him.

Getting Through The First Night

Now that you’ve learned this youre going to have to put it to the test. More than likely your little pup is going to get lonely when its time for bed. You are going to have to let him cry. If you get up every few hours to comfort him and let him know everything is okay then he is going to get used to this and expect it every night from there on out. If you get up often he is going to understand taht to get attention he just needs to cry. Its only one night, and soon he will be used to not having you around all the time and things will go back to how they should be.

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