Men and women share the same species but they are very different creatures. We are not only talking about the obvious difference in genitalia and mammary glands. There are many subtle differences that an experienced plastic surgeon takes into account when performing cosmetic surgery for men or women. For example, men tend to have thicker muscles and chemical reactions in the bodies of the two genders are different. These subtle differences will not stop the operation but it will change the procedure enough to make it an almost different surgery.

These differences do not lie in the field of biology or anatomy alone. There are subjective differences too. Men and women have slightly different goals for undergoing this procedure. Also, women can cover up the procedure better through the use of make up and hairstyles. Male fashion styles do not have this luxury. Men are also burdened with a greater concern for privacy than women. Male cosmetic surgery may be on the rise but it is still far from common.

Here are a few male cosmetic surgery procedures and how they differ when applied to a woman.

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Hair Transplant

There is a large difference in the location of the hairlines of men and women. This causes a lot of added considerations, for example, the requirement of scalp flap surgery. Getting the hairline wrong could make the hair transplant look very fake. This was especially true 10 years ago when hair plugs were used to transplant hair. Today’s micrografting technique is less obvious, but taking into account the hairline is no less important.


It’s annoying to bear a turkey waddle or a double chin and many men feel the same way. Removing the excess skin (aka neck lift) is a popular cosmetic surgery for men. A plastic surgeon takes into account the thicker muscles and coarser skin that men have. They also have to note the shape of male facial hair, like the beard or sideburn, in order to decide the right place to make an incision.


General liposuction works better on men than on women. Men have more elastic skin than women. Tummy tucks are only used on men when they have lost an excessive amount of weight. Otherwise there is really no need, the skin can go back to shape on its own. Male liposuctions are performed to remove love handles or reduce breast size. Women store their fat in their thighs and in their hips.

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