A Social Media mistake is easy to make today. It is a fairly new industry with no set standards, and only a few generally accepted principles. There are quite a few great industry leaders out there that are pioneering new thoughts and ideas that many follow in establishing their social media presence and strategies. These leaders are sharing their own methods and strategies on how to be successful in social media. What you find is there are only a few methods that are general across the board, but most of the different methods are based on experience.

If you are a small business or entrepreneur you can easily become overwhelmed with all the noise. Social media takes strategy to execute successfully, and unless you are in a complete training program, it is easy to make social media mistakes. Due to the fact that many entrepreneurs, even myself, are self-taught social media with minimal guidance, it is very easy to just jump in without strategy. Lack of strategy can leads to mistake and failure.

Entrepreneurs and new social media managers just dive in. They start shooting off one-way tweets and posts hoping to make money. They start creating fan pages, groups, and “inner-circles” with the hopes of making a sale. Many find out quickly that it is not that easy. The biggest social media mistake here is trying to monetize first, and building a community second. Now you are probably thinking, aren’t I supposed to create the communities to monetize? Yes you are, but a few steps are missing here.

You have to build the community, earn trust, and delicately ask for permission to market to them, BEFORE you try to monetize. By doing so, you will have sales, repeat sales, and long-term benefits. I have admittedly made this mistake in the past. I spent months developing a product and a launch only to fail to meet expectations because I did not focus on community building. How to Get More Views on YouTube? There is no including of the mistakes while purchasing the likes. It will increase the subscribers at the channel and promotion of the brand is done. All the information should be available with the people to get the views for meeting the expectations. 

The eagerness to make money can push entrepreneurs to make this social media mistake. You are going to make mistakes. It is important to learn from the mistake and avoid making it again. If you have tried to monetize before community building, and haven’t been successful, it is time to take a step back and review your strategy.

What you need to do

Embed yourself in your community

Engage with your fans, followers, and community members

Build trust

Gently ask for permission to market to your community members. You should not flood fans and followers with self-promotion and marketing messages. Infuse a mix of your content and content from other sources.

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