The Best Local Bowling Alleys in Rogers Arkansas

Fast Lane Entertainment is the best Bowling Alley in Rogers Arkansas. It is much more than a bowling alley. They also have lazer tag; go karts, an arcade, a great restaurant, and what they call Cosmos Corner a state of the art black light bowling room. They have twenty two traditional bowling lanes and ten black light bowling lanes.

I took the kids to Fast Lane Entertainmentover the summer and we had a fantastic time. They have 22 regular bowling lanes that are great for all ages. My Dad and his elderly friends were bowling a few lanes down from us because on Wednesday afternoons they have 99 cent games. We got the bumpers and ramp for the little ones and with that they were just as good as the older kids. There is also a separate room with 10 bowling lanes that they call Cosmos Corner, the room is all dark and lighted with black lights. It was cool to see all the white in the room glow in the dark.

It looked like the spectacle out of a lab where scientists conduct regular experiments for achieving scientific breakthroughs and the bowling alley did look creepy at first glance but the black lights were exactly as I had read on the About Bowling Balls website.

We ordered an enormous pizza from the restaurant that was absolutely delicious. This pizza was as big as 4 large pizzas and it was reasonably priced for a pizza that size. The kids really got a kick out of it. You can order up to 4 different topping combinations or have the whole pizza the same toppings. This is something for a large group of people but there were just five of us so we shared with my Dad and his elderly friends who were bowling a few lanes from us and then took the rest home with us. The service is great, they come out to the bowling lanes and take your order then they keep checking to make sure you are satisfied, they bring your food right to your table and they are very friendly. You can eat in the restaurant area or right at the bowling lanes. Their menu is impressive and they have very reasonable prices.

The kids had a blast in the arcade, the older kids played video games on one side and the little ones played games and rode little rides on the other side. Fast Lanes is great for all ages. Some of the games give out tickets to use to purchase fun toys from their store. You don’t have to walk around with tokens or quarters, they have a swipe card for most games and if you run out of money on your card you just swipe it in the machine and add more. It’s great if you’re on a budget, you can give each kid their allotted amount on each card and when they run out they are done.

The go karts track is a 21,000 square foot Indoor Go-Kart Arena with twelve turns on a 920 foot track. This is also great for all ages, they have mini carts for the smaller kids or you can ride 2 in a larger cart.

The lazer tag arena is Pirate themed and has two levels with black lights and music. I personally haven’t been in there but the kids say it’s awesome.

Fast Lane Entertainment is the best bowling alley in Rogers Arkansas. You can have a blast with the whole family from preschool age to the elderly. It is very inexpensive on Wednesdays with only 99 cent games. It’s located at 1117 W Dixieland St, Rogers, AR 72758.