The 12 Fantasy Buildings That You Can Make In Minecraft Java 

The minecraft java has a complete fantasy world for you where you can enjoy making buildings that wouldn’t be available for you in real life.

What are the 12 fantasy buildings that you can make in the Minecraft java game?

  • Castle – Castles have been our fantasy homes from famous Hollywood movies, and it shows luxury and royalty. It is very easy to build with some simple tools in the game. You can customize the castle according to your needs and creativity by adding statues, strong gates etc.
  • Popular landmark – You could make a famous landmark like the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal. These can be made with precision without trying to customize them much so that they resemble the original form.

  • Mansion – In minecraft java, you can build your lavish mansion with all the personalized choice and things; you could add a luxurious bedroom and a charming hallway with statues in-house fountain, fence on the outdoor for safety and many more things depending upon your idea of the ideal mansion.
  • Farm – Farms are made to ensure the supply of food and fodder for you. You could build your farm with essential farming crops and dairy facility. The farm could be kept for personal use, and hence a small farm will do the job for you.
  • Fountain – Fountains are a must know to build structure in the game as they are used in castles, mansions, gardens, towns etc. they can be built easily though if you want to make an attractive fountain, use some creativity on your own.
  • Arch – Archways are used for a grand entrance in a castle or mansion. They are very easy to build with a large gateway appearance and can be added to your personalized choices.
  • Floating Base – You can make an innovative floating base that will keep you safe from creeps and mobs. They are very interesting to make. Just imagine living in the sky above the clouds.
  • Treehouse – Build your empire in the jungles or choose a strong tree to build a base and then build a house after connecting different trees. Look for the safety measures as a jungle would not be the safest place to reside. See that your house doesn’t burn down in a forest fire, and all your hard work goes in vain.
  • Maze – Maze can be a good way to dodge the mobs. They are fun to make and build though you have to keep in mind that the puzzling maze must have a way out. It could be built in a garden with taller shrubs and leaves.
  • Penthouse – If you are living in a modern city. Your own built city must have a penthouse suite for you. You could also make this penthouse a watching and observing place above the sky to keep an eye on the mobs.
  • Boat – a boat may be made for decoration rather than need as the blocks won’t make them sail through. Add a small but charming boat deco to your garden or town, just like a statue.

Take a break from the real world and get into the world of fantasy with your own empire.