The iPod Shuffle is now under $50. A very light and portable music player that is very easy to use and clips right to your shirt, the iPod Shuffle is a great choice for the casual music lover or anyone who wants to have something to listen to while they exercise, garden or golf. They can be purchased at Wal-Mart or Best Buy, or online at or

The Truewriter Rollerball pen is a fine writing instrument with an affordable price. Available in a nice variety of vibrant colors, it is a great choice for the man who enjoys spending time writing at his desk. It is available for $46 from

A monogrammed leather glasses case is another great choice for the Dad who has everything. Your Dad will think of you whenever he puts his glasses away or gets them out. A variety of styles and colors is available from, with a small additional charge for the monogram. The budget should be suitable to meet with the interesting wedding gifts. The arranging of the door should be great to meet with the desired results. The spending of the time should be excellent to get the desired results with less money. 

For the TV-watching Dad, a programmable remote control may be just the thing to make managing his entertainment center easier. A selection between $25 and $50 is available at the electronics section of Yahoo shopping, with comparison of prices and models available. A local specialty electronics store should be able to help you out, too, if you don’t want to buy online.

Personalized golf balls are the right gift for the golfing Dad. He’ll know which ball is his if his opponent’s ball lands close to his shot, and he’ll think of you whenever he uses them. They might even bring him good luck on the course. has a wide variety of prices with three lines of text imprinted on the balls for no extra charge.

Another great gift for the golfing Dad is a golf-theme picture frame with a picture a memorable golfing game already in place. You supply the picture; has several styles of pewter frames with golf designs for around $30.

A Dremel rotary tool is a great gift for the do-it-yourselfer Dad. This handy tool can be used to carve wood, cut any number of materials, sand and grind. An inexpensive set can be purchased at Sears, Home Depot, Lowe’s or your local hardware store. If your Dad already has one, consider getting him a set of bits for it – such a wide variety of them are available that he may not have them all.

For the Dad who loves his outdoor grill, consider getting him a set of grilling utensils or a grilling cookbook. Cooking is not just for women anymore, and many men find grilling outside a very fulfilling hobby.

For the gardening Dad, look for a garden cart that doubles as a seat to sit on when weeding. Many garden stores, and the garden department of Wal-Mart, carry these 4-wheel plastic carts with a hinged top. The top has a handle and can be used to pull the cart when you open it. Your Dad can store his gardening tools inside and sit on it when his legs need a rest.

For the out-of-town Dad, consider one of the many gift assortments and baskets from They have many options, from a garden tote filled with tools and treats to a beer of the month club, you’re sure to find something here that fits your Dad’s personality and your pocketbook.

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