Galacticraft is an amazing mod that allows you to fly to many different planets, like Earth, the Moon, Mars, and even the Asteroid Belt.

How To Get Started

You probably want to first get some Aluminum Wire so you can use a Coal Generator.

Once you’ve made a Coal Generator you’re going to need to make a Fabricator so you can make some of the mods crafting items.

Use the Aluminum wire to connect the Coal Generator to the Fabricator. Then put coal in the Coal Generator and you’ve now got power for your Fabricator.

Use the Fabricator to make 3 Basic Wafers and an Advanced Wafer.

After that make a Compressor and you’re going to want to use it to make some Compressed Iron and some Compressed Steel.

The purchasing of the weapons and other things from alt shop will provide the success. The use of the education and knowledge will deliver the correct results. The starting is the great one with the following of simple steps. The use of the items is with the skills and excellence.

Use the items that are explained above to create a the below NASA Workbench.

Now it’s time to make your first and very own spaceship! You’re going to need to use the Compressor to make Compressed Copper, Compressed Tin, Compressed Bronze like below.

And also Compressed Aluminum, and a Heavy-Duty Plate like seen below.

You’re then going to need to use a ordinary Crafting Table to make a Tin Canister and a Oxygen Vent.

Now that we got the materials out of the way it’s time for rocket parts! For rocket parts you’re going to need to make a Rocket Engine, a Nose Cone, and four Rocket Fins.

Now we have all the parts we can make a rocket ship in our NASA workbench! Once you’ve used all the rocket parts and Heavy-Duty Plates to make a rocket you’re going to need to launch it.

To launch your rocket you’re going to need to craft Rocket Launch Pads and place them on the floor/ground in a 3 by 3 square.

Then make a Refinery to get fuel.

To harvest oil from the world you are going to need a Liquid Canister and a Portable Oil Extractor.

Then right-click on oil a few times with your portable Oil Extractor and it will fill up your Liquid Canister with oil. Get your Refinery and connect it to a coal generator. Then put your Oil Canister in your refinery for your oil to turn into fuel. Simply place an Empty Liquid Canister above the fuel to take it out of the machine.

Then make a Fuel Loader and place it next to your Launch Pad.

Put your Fuel Canister(s) in and hit load. Place your rocket on the Launch Pad and get in the rocket with right-click. Press C and make sure your rocket is at 100% fuel.

Get ready for blast-off, but wait! We forgot our space suit! For our space suit we need an Oxygen Concentrator, an Oxygen Fan, and an Oxygen Collector.

Place the Oxygen Collector in your world and power it with the Coal Generator. Craft some Oxygen Pipes and craft a Oxygen Compressor.

Use the Oxygen Pipes to connect the Oxygen Collector to the Oxygen Compressor. Power the Oxygen Compressor with the Coal Generator.

Then craft Light, Medium, or Heavy Oxygen tanks. You can have up to two on your person at one time. Use the oxygen compressor to fill the tank(s) you have made.

Then your going to have to make an Oxygen Mask and Oxygen Gear.

Now lets make your Parachute. If you don’t like a White Parachute you can dye it different colors. Go into your inventory and click the space mask at the top and put everything into the correct slot.

Now you can go into the rocket and press space, but make sure you have all of your space gear equipped. Your rocket will then thrust itself into space!

Once you reach a high enough altitude you will be given a menu to select which planet you would like to fly to. The available areas for the tier 1 space ship are Overworld, Overworld Space Station, and The Moon. For tier 2 you get Mars and for tier 3 you get the Asteroid belt.

If you wish to breath in space without a space suit you’re going to need to connect the Oxygen Collector to an Oxygen Bubble Distributor.

Then it will create a bubble which you can breath in. You can also get a Oxygen Sealer which will fill an enclosed area with air.

To create a room filled with air create a sealed room, place your Oxygen Sealer and provide it air and power, make nine Air Lock Frames, make an Air Lock Controller.

Next place the Air Lock Frames like a Nether portal except one block needs to be an Air Lock Controller.

Once you get tired of the planet your on just check the Parachest or the thing you landed in to find a rocket, nine Launch Pads, and enough fuel to fill your rocket to 100%.

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