Spring Cleaning Services in the San Francisco Bay Area

That’s right…winter is soon to come to a close and spring will be here. And what would spring be without a little spring cleaning to brighten up your home and welcome the new season? Spring cleaning is an essential aspect of closing the door on winter and beginning anew in spring! During the winter, our homes often get cluttered, dusty, dirty and disorganized. Every year, people across the nation take a day (or even a weekend) to sort through the junk they’ve collected throughout the past year, the shoes they’ve worn to the ground, the clothes that no longer fit well, the food that has expired in the cabinet, and give their homes a thorough scrubbing. San Franciscans, it’s time to spring clean!

It is understandable that not everyone has time to give such a thorough spring cleaning to their homes, and this is why cleaning services have cropped up in all nooks and crannies of the San Francisco Bay Area. So if you’re looking to give your home a good spring cleaning and start off the year on the right foot, I’ve got the recommendations for you. While San Francisco has an abundance of cleaning services, not all services are equal, nor can all services boast green spring cleaning. Check out the following recommendations for green spring cleaning services in San Francisco that will leave your house spic-and-span without damaging the environment. If a person is finding the best services, then the selection of apartment cleaning services in Chicago should be made. The services will offer deep cleaning of the apartment and deliver effective benefits. The house of the people will look attractive and impressive for the visitors. 

Ecologic Cleaning

Website: http://www.ecologic-cleaning.com/

Email: info@ecologic-cleaning.com

Phone: 415-286-4242

Location: San Francisco (Hayes Valley)

Ecologic Cleaning, located in San Francisco, specializes in large green cleaning jobs like spring cleaning and move in/move out cleaning jobs. Ecologic is very flexible, FRIENDLY, and is willing to work with your specific spring cleaning needs-whether you need organization assistance, total house cleaning, or both. Spring cleaning services are provided at a flat rate of $35.00/hour, and they spend around 4 hours on a one bedroom apartment (making the total around $140). Ecologic uses only non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products to keep your home safe and to keep our earth green.

Green Clean

Website: www.greenclean01.com

Email: greenclean01@peacemail.com

Phone: 415-822-2268

Locations: Across San Francisco Bay Area

Green Clean offers a variety of services-including spring cleaning-without using toxins in your home and polluting the environment. Green Clean uses a cleaner called “Eco Sense” after testing a handful of other cleaners. Eco Sense is non-toxic, biodegradable, and does not use animal testing. Green Clean services offers a deep spring cleaning for approximately $150-$200 for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment. Green Clean provides very friendly and personalized service and free 10-15 minute consultations to determine your price quote for spring cleaning. Drop Green Clean an email or call for a prompt response and a very satisfying green clean.

Natural Maidens

Website: http://www.naturalmaidens.com/

Email: info@naturalmaidens.com

Phone: 415-999-5848

Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Natural Maidens offers three levels of cleaning for your San Francisco/Bay Area home, depending on your preference, and uses only all-natural and non-toxic green cleaning products. Since spring cleaning usually requires a very in-depth intensive clean, Natural Maidens recommends purchasing the “Platinum” package. The cost for the Platinum package starts at $140 (this includes 2 maids for 2 hours). On their website under “services” you can see a checklist for the Platinum clean and you can request to eliminate services if you wish to save time, and you can also set a time limit for the spring clean. Natural Maidens is a great choice for those in need of a deep spring cleaning, offering great non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Totally Clean

Website: www.totallyclean.com

Email: info@totallyclean.com

Phone: 415-487-7443

Locations: San Francisco

Totally Clean offers services all across San Francisco’s many neighborhoods, including Noe Valley, Castro, Sunset, Twin Peaks, and many more. Totally Clean offers free quotes, so just send a quick description of your home and the services needed and expect a prompt cost estimate. For a small one bedroom apartment in need of a deep spring clean, Totally Clean estimates a cost of $120-$150. Totally Clean has cleaning insurance and has been in practice for 14 years! So if you’re looking for personal service and high quality spring cleaning, try Totally Clean.