Some Quick Tips To Train Your Dogs Quickly And Efficiently

Dogs are your best mates for life. The relationship between dogs and man has a long history, even from the earlier days of evolution. The unconditional love felt between both of them cannot be put into words. Training dogs is fun, and it can help you build a close bond with your best friend.

Best Timing and Techniques

Teaching them new skills isn’t an easy task. The trainer has to be patient and put time and effort into it to work. You have to develop good communication skills with the dog first. Start training your dog at the right time to achieve early success. It should start when the dog is a pup. In the case of shiba inu breeders usa, it takes time as the breed is inherently stubborn. From the day the puppy is born, it soaks up information and learns new things. Build a good relationship from an early age to gain the trust of your dog. Basic social skills are easily learned by the pup through its interaction with the litter’s mother or other pups. The basic commands of interaction with humans like sit, stand, roll over, etc. are learned in the initial stage. 

Positive Reinforcement

The best time to teach these commands is when the dog is a bit hungry. He will pay more attention to you to earn an extra treat. During the walk with the pup, practice for about ten minutes every day. Pick a time when the puppy is begging for a treat so that he has enough motivation to work for it. Just like for humans, the attention span of a dog is short. Keep the training sessions short and entertained with a tasty reward at the end. When this becomes a part of the dog’s routine, it will easily remember the commands as you move forward.

Stop the session if the puppy feels tired or you do. A fresh start is important to keep your motivation in check. Positive reinforcement is the best method to train your dog. Reward the behavior that you approve of and ignore the ones that you don’t. When the doggo obeys a command, give him a reward that makes him happy. Rewards can be in any form like playing games, walks, praises, treats, etc. For shiba inu breeders usa, this method produces the best results.

The nature of the Shiba inu is more self-serving compared to other dogs. Each dog is different, so are his likes and preferences.    

Observations and Animal Behavior

Most of them like praises and attention from its owner. Observe the behavior of your dog and find an activity that he loves the most. This varies for different dogs. After finding that out, you can use it for the training. Do not forget the other side of the reinforcement that is ignoring bad behavior. Ignore the puppy for a minute when he does something that is not desirable to you. With Shiba Inu puppies, do not use any physical forms of punishment. It can lead to the loss of trust as they are more sensitive to any physical aggression.


Disengagement is a good way to treat bad behavior. When the puppy exhibits such acts, stop what you are doing or disengage by turning your back on him to show that it is not encouraged. When this is repeated for some time, the doggo realizes that it has done something bad, and it means no reward. So, the probability of repeating the same act decreases as you repeat this process of disengagement. 

Timeouts for Bad Behavior

Timeout is another effective method. When he gets rough or does something, he shouldn’t have, remove him from the place and put him in a confined space to calm him down. This will teach him that any such behavior will result in the same consequences. Do it immediately after the mistake and verbally call it out.

If you do it after a period, the dog would have already forgotten about the incident, and there is no point in a time out then. You will not see results on the first day. It takes a lot of time and energy to develop the behavior of your dog. You have to establish good communication with your pet for it to understand you.

Shiba Inu puppies aren’t that eager to please anyone due to the stubbornness in nature. So while training, you have to be consistent with positive reinforcements and timeouts. All the training that is mentioned above should be applied in combination. The techniques should be repeated every day to yield results. 

Repetition And Consistency

Keep motivating and enforcing the puppy until its adulthood. Observing and knowing the differences and ability of your dog is the best way to train it. Training is not limited to a short period. They are for longer terms and can last for an entire lifetime of the dog. Before getting a dog for yourself, take the opinion of all the family members so that they treat the dog well. They are often sensitive to their surroundings, so; this can help to avoid sending any mixed signals to the dog.

The slow development can get you frustrated. Your dog might forget the comments that were learned the previous day. It is quite normal for this to happen. So, take a break when you feel stressed out and start again. Getting a puppy is a lot of responsibility. Be thorough with your research on canine behavior before going to the pet store.

Even though it is difficult to train them, Shiba Inu is an intelligent breed that picks on your instructions fast and behaves according to your training.

Sum up

The breed is native to Japan and is an active companion to dog lovers of Japan and the USA. They are fast and pretty active, which requires a lot of patience to look after. The dog seems to have a personality that has opinions on its own.