Right now I am working to become a female figure fitness competitor but my true passion is in bodybuilding. I am very small, to begin with, only 5feet, do you think it would be a bit too much to become a bodybuilder for my size? My family tells me not to do it, they think it looks ridiculous, but I really would like to try it, but still am worried about my family’s views and remember to eat lots of protein and save money at bulk powders here!

Go ahead, its your life and your choices! More power to Ya! If you wanna be a bodybuilder, be a bodybuilder! Size does not matter, I myself am male but stand at only 5′ 2″. But I really enjoy bodybuilding. The advantage of being small is our muscles don’t take much pumping to look big. Plus it’s so much easier for us to lose fat than a larger person. I think your family will think differently when they see you compete and hopefully lift a few trophies.

Are you going to do it naturally? Please do as steroids are a quick fix and have so many side effects. I have an HND in fitness, health, and exercise and finished top in my year so if you need someone to talk to about things please email me at weeman247@yahoo.co.uk Good luck ok ill give u reality 1st…u r a Lil 2 small 2 do that but really and truly if u want 2 do that and that is ur dream well..go 4 it b/c u won’t b happy till u get what u want!! u can do anything u want 2 u just have 2 know that’s what u want!! Go do it!.

Figure Fitness is different from Bodybuilding and you can be successful with your height. It is much more healthy as you don’t have to go to crazy lengths to reduce body fat. Most families have wrong notions about bodybuilding, especially about women in the sport. 

Believe in yourself as you have better information about the sport and know what you want to achieve. I am not a fan of the bodies that extreme bodybuilders of any gender exhibit….I would say that by looking at the competition(as with any game) you will get an idea of what You MUST do to compete and then determine how far along that path you wish to tread. This requires many HOURS each day in a gym and many HOURS a day outside a gym preparing yourself mentally for the pain both physical and emotional that is engendered in any competition. 

GO to several actual events and talk to the competitors and see if that is what you want to do with your life…and most importantly ask to talk to some former competitors and ask them what sort of injuries they now have to baby along because you WILL be injured… And last but not least find out IF a very petite woman can really compete or if all the winners are REALLY BIG up, down, and all-around…Good luck… Why waste your life? No man is going to want you. You are making yourself ugly. The tone and fit and built is attractive. She-hulk is not.

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