Many years ago my grandmother gave me a small purse with 4 tiny sized perfume bottles inside of it. A neighbor had given her 4 of these purses filled with sampled goods for all of her female grandchildren.

Inside of the bag the 4 small viles of perfume looked classy, expensive, and when she handed the purse over to me I felt like a superstar.

2 of the 3 samples came without names, and this one particular perfume in this small glass bottle was my absolute favorite. I loved the sweet feminine scent, I loved the classical shaped bottle, and I especially loved how long the scent lasted.

Unfortunately this particular perfumes name was a mystery.

It took me 10 years to finally discover the name of the perfume I had fallen in love with as a kid.

My boyfriends mother gave me this adorable retro hand bag, and on the retro bag were a bunch of name brand designer perfumes as the bags fabric design.

My jaw dropped to the floor as I noticed one of the bottles right off the bat. I had saved my mini vile of perfume for years, and knew its shape. The moment I spotted this exact shaped bottle on the retro hand bag I read the name. My mystery vile of perfume, given to me by my Grandmother years earlier now had a name. Champs Elysees!!!

I was astonished. I had gone on thinking I would never discover the name of my beloved perfume. I had saved a small micro dab of the perfume in the mini glass bottle for years, just to savor its last drops. Yet now before me stood the name of my perfume.

I did not hesitate to look the perfume up. I had to have it, and it had to be mine; as soon as possible!

Whats to love about it?

Everything; from the classy shaped bottle, to the gorgeous long lasting scent.

Champs Elysees has a classical fragrance, yet it does not smell like an old lady. It has a sweet tart scent to it, that is floral with a hint of almond and honey. Whenever I spray on some Elysees I feel like a million bucks.

The reason I have loved it for so many years is because the scent does not stick around for just a day, it sticks around for days! One small shot of Elysees onto your jacket and you will be surrounded with the fragrance every time you plop your jacket on.

Where To Buy:

I had never run into Elysees in any shopping centers; when I discovered the name of the perfume though I was easily able to locate it by google searching the name of the perfume. A delicious 1 ounce bottle of Champs Elysees Perfume sells anywhere from $40.00 to $50.00.

In my opinion the price is well worth what you are getting. In fact, I would even spend more if I had to.

All in all, one of the best perfumes to have come out in modern times that can give the likes of Eclatant a run for their money and that is saying something considering the impact that it has had on each generation even after so many decades.

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