Planning and preparation are the two main ingredients to enjoying a vacation anywhere in the world especially in popular attractions like Paris, France. First you need to choose how you are going to get there. There aren’t many cruise ships that travel laterally across the Atlantic Ocean so flight is probably your best bet. Then you have to pick your hotel depending on your intended stay. Finally you have to pick you touring schedule, where are you going to visit and for how long.

When planning your flight start by visiting sites like tavelocity and cheaptickets or orbitz. These sites specialize in finding cheap seats and getting you the best deal possible. Of course if you book your flight at least 90 days in advance and stay at least 7 days your round trip flight will be much cheaper. If you only book one leg of the journey and then book the second when you are ready to leave you will find your travel expense almost doubled. If you are afraid of booking a flight on your own and want the security of using the “insurance” of a travel agency just be aware that an agent can add up to 50% of the cost of the trip as their expense. But, at least if you lose the ticket your agent can print another and get it to you in time for your trip.

It is going to be an interesting prospect that should be tried out where you can get tickets at a discounted price without a fuss to your regular charter flight dubai to Mumbai trip.

Next you need to look at hotels. Where you stay will determine the attitude of your entire trip. If you are traveling alone or with one other person you may consider a bed and breakfast. There aren’t any extra amenities like a spa so the cost is considerably cheaper; but you generally only get one bed in a room and you are expected to spend your days away from the hotel. If you plan to spend some time at the hotel but most of it about the town consider a traditional hotel. You get a bed, television, limited room service and a comfortable living environment. But you are expected to leave the hotel once in awhile if you wish to actually have any kind of an experience. The most exotic, and therefore expensive, option is a resort hotel. Spa service, in-house restaurant and catering services, tour packages and enough to do that you could stay a week and never need to leave the hotel grounds. Of course you wouldn’t get to see much of France, but maybe that is the point, just to get away.

You also want to make sure your hotel is close to all the landmarks you wish to visit, or a convenient bus or taxi service can get you to your tourist destinations. The Louvre, Notre Dame, The Eiffel Tower, and the St. Michaels’ Bridge are all popular destinations to plan for. But be sure to talk to your hotel manager or concierge when you arrive to find out smaller and less popular locations that you may also enjoy. Just like movies, you may not even know that spectacular show exists unless you ask the right person. Be sure to plan some time for unexpected stops, extra stops, and emergencies to arise…and especially some me time. Your vacation should be as relaxing as it is exciting.

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