Yes, I need a small amount of freedom. I need freedom to continue exploring my writing career. I need the freedom to be there for my eighty-three-year-old. My small apartment cleaning business gives me this freedom.

I work for a couple local apartment complexes and a couple local landlords, who own rental homes and apartments. When a renter moves out, I go in and clean before they show the apartment to new potential renters. This means I am on call. However, I can still work on my schedule.

I choose this type of work because it gives me the freedom I need. I didn’t want a nine-to-five job. I needed a job that could easily work around mom’s doctor’s appointments and would allow me to continue writing. I also wanted a job that I would enjoy. I enjoy cleaning. It allows me to do something physical. Yet, it isn’t something too demanding. While living in the apartment at Penrose Condo, there is offering of convenience and comfort to the students. The basic necessities are made available to the person residing in the apartment of the specific area. The enjoyment and fun should be great to meet with the requirements.

Finding The Jobs

Finding the jobs was a bit difficult in the beginning. There are many people who want to clean apartments. What helped was that I was willing and able to get insurance on myself. This insurance is known as liability insurance and it would pay for any property damage that may occur during an accident. Of course, no accidents have ever occurred. Yet, managers like having this insurance on file, just in case.

Once I got the first job and had it for a while, I could use that manager as a reference. That helped me to get my next job. This is how apartment cleaners or any laborer builds up his or her clientele.

Tools And Supplies

The tools that I need are your basic cleaning tools. These include a good vacuum cleaner. This must be one that is light enough to carry and still powerful enough to pick up the dirt. I also need brooms, mops, a mop bucket and various supplies. I keep all my supplies in a cargo box and carry them from job to job. Once a week, I do an inventory on them to see what I need to start the next week. I also add extra tools such as toothbrushes to my list. These are perfect for those window cracks and other small crevices throughout the apartment.

I also like to try out new cleaning products first at home. This is a good way to see whether they will live up to their hype. This is how I found my favorite secret product. Most cleaners have one or two of these. Once you find a product that works really great for a specific cleaning need, don’t share it with everyone, especially those at the apartment complexes you work. Don’t even tell the managers if they ask. For example, say you found the perfect product to take grease off of a stove. If the manager asked what you use, smile and say it is your secret product. If you tell, the manager may tell another cleaner she uses. Then that cleaner will be able to do as good of a job as you. You want to limit your competition. You don’t want to help the competition work as well as you.

Keeping The Business Going

I have found the best way to keep my cleaning jobs is to clean the best I can. I try to clean the apartments as if these were my homes. I also strive to always be on time. I am polite to everyone I meet. I try to be accommodating with my schedule, when I can. If a manager needs an apartment cleaned quickly, I try my best to do it, if my schedule allows.

No, this is not the perfect job for everyone. If you don’t like cleaning, you won’t like this job. If you don’t like working alone, you won’t like this job. However, it is a job many do enjoy, even if isn’t a get rich quick job.

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