This is the real-life story of my unique fat loss experiment which I planned and underwent under the supervision of my family doctor. I am writing this so that others may learn what to do and what not to do on their weight loss program. I gained a lot of weight (especially fat) after I retired from my regular job due to carefree and reckless overeating coupled with a lack of exercise. During a routine medical check-up, my family doctor consulted some charts and informed me that I am overweight by about 40 pounds was almost considered obese. He warned me that if I continued on the same path I was putting my heart at risk and would have other obesity-related health problems. He gave a lecture on the hazards of being overweight. He also gave me a few weight loss tips, especially about abdominal fat loss. I came home a bit depressed but decided to take it as a challenge to overcome my problem.

My First Mistake

Initially, I tried severe fasting. I thought foolishly that if I restrict my food intake, that would solve the problem. I ate only one meal a day and continued this for about a month. During this period of severe fasting, I drank only water and endured continuous pangs of hunger before the meal and could barely concentrate on anything other than the enticing thought of the menu of my next meal. Every meal became one big joyous occasion to look forward to and I indulged myself and ate to my heart’s content. After a month when I stood on the scale I was shocked to know that I had actually gained weight instead of losing. I immediately gave up fasting as a tool to attain weight loss.

My Friends

I consulted some of my friends to know what they are doing about their weight. Almost all of them told me they started a fat loss program only to discontinue after the initial enthusiasm waned. I made up my mind this would not happen to me at any cost. For about a week I meditated on the hazards of being overweight and obese. I also meditated about the benefits of having a lean and fit body. This period of meditation and contemplation strengthened my resolve to fight on with determination and prepared me for the fat loss program I planned after consulting my doctor.

My Healthy Weight Loss Program

I started my fat loss plan on December 29, 2007.

My workouts started early in the morning at 6 am. The exercises comprised treadmill, cycling, and weights. Before the workouts, I did warm-up exercises for about ten minutes which prepared my body for hard exercises. After about an hour of exercise, I undertook a morning walk for an hour after eating the Keto diet pills as advised by my doctor. I spent the better part of my mornings tending plants in my small garden where I grew vegetables. This was the best part of my day and I loved every minute of it. I made it a point to stay busy throughout the day. The initial days of my program were hell. I was not used to this strict regimen and every part of my body ached and cried for mercy. I was tempted many times to quit. But the very thought of a trim body filled me with determination and I continued on relentlessly. After about three months of regular exercise and strict diet control, my body slowly got adjusted to this weight loss program.

The diet control was not easy either. I hated the foods I ate and my taste buds screamed for my regular unhealthy, spicy food. But I was adamant and forced my body to accept the new food for the sake of my health. I began a high fiber, low fat, balanced diet. I did not go in for a low-carb diet as I was warned against this by my doctor and included good carbs in my diet. This diet worked wonders for me and I lost about twenty pounds in six months. This spurred me on for greater effort on my part. The information I got from the internet about weight loss tips worked and I am slowly getting into shape. My friends were impressed and they wanted to know how I could do it.

After a year I have not completely lost all the weight I wanted too but I feel much better and am over 30 pounds lighter than I was before. The simple truth is a regular exercise program with a controlled diet of high fiber and low fat is all we need to live a healthy life and lose weight.

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