Buying a new home in Parc Greenwich EC and moving in can be an overwhelming nightmare that involves so many things that you need to remember. Therefore, although nothing can make it truly stress-free, it is sensible to prepare as much as you can. If this is your first move or your other house moves have been mitigated disasters, you might find the next post extremely helpful. In it, we will give you some great tips for creating a checklist for moving home.

Avoid Moving on Bank Holidays

The countdown for your big move day started ticking away when you exchanged contracts for the sale and when the completion date for your moving out date was finalized. Although this is generally set at one month from the contracts being completed, it is not always set in stone, but try to avoid moving on the weekend as removal services companies are usually busiest on these days. It is more sensible to choose a day during the week like Tuesday or Wednesday if possible.

Look at Recommendations

When it comes to hiring a removals company, ask for recommendations from your friends and family, and be sure to shop around to find the best quote before deciding to hire one. It is good practice to seek out at least three to four quotes and then choose the best one from those.

Get Them in Early

After you have settled on moving home service and got a quote in writing, organize a time for them to come and visit your home so they can see exactly how much must be moved and if anything needs to be handled with special care and attention.

During this visit, you can also show them the map of your new house, so they can look at the parking available and how easy it will be to access.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

If this move has been on the cards for a while, it is likely you have already begun decluttering. However, it is time to take things to next level. Look at the floorplan of your new house and figure out what is going to fit and where. If there is no room for certain items, start offering them to your friends and family and take them to be recycled or to the nearest charity store.

Notify Important Organisations

As you get closer to moving day, you need to start informing all the organizations you do business with such as banks, building societies, TV licensing, the HMRC, and the DVLA. They all need to know your new address and the sooner you sort this, the less likely any strays will be sent to the new owners of your old house.

Organize Pet Care

If you own any pets, it is beneficial for them and your own sanity on move day if they have suitable lodgings while you change the address. Even if it is just finding a willing friend or relative to home them for a few days until you have completely moved.

Make A-List

Finally, and funnily enough, our last tip for your moving home checklist is to make a list. This is the best way to ensure that all the above and everything else you need to do can be done in good time.

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