Mistakes Social Media Managers Make When Starting Their Business

As someone who’s been a self-employed Social Media Manager for over 2 years, I have made plenty of mistakes over the years. I feel like I could have been profitable a lot quicker if it wasn’t for these mistakes so I want to point them out to you from the get go so that you can potentially avoid making the same mistakes that I did.

Mistake #1: Not Having Their Client Experience Down

One of the biggest mistakes I see Social Media Managers (or any service provider for that matter) doing is not mapping out their client experience from the get-go.

As creatives, we want to do all of the fun stuff like coming up with the actual social media strategy and plan out a client’s Instagram feed but it is important to have a thorough client process down before taking on your first few clients if you can help it. This strategy can help you generate ganhar dinheiro online and get other benefits from it.

Not only does this save you tons of time, but it also shows your clients that you are serious and they will appreciate that.

I have had clients praise me for my easy to follow client onboarding process and personally, I think it gives your client a good impression from the start and eases any fears they may have had about outsourcing in the first place.

I recommend using a CRM like Dubsado for a seamless client onboarding/offboarding process. With Dubsado, not only can you use one of their forms for lead capture for potential clients, but you can also set up contracts, invoices, other sub-agreements (or a welcome packet), and more to send automatically so all you have to do is set up these workflows once and it will send out on autopilot.

Mistake #2: Constantly pitching their services but not sharing any value

I can’t tell you how many times I see other Social Media Managers just posting about their services without sharing why they’re qualified to even be offering these services.

And then, they wonder their Facebook post in a big Facebook group didn’t get any traction. To get clients, you need to gain the like, know, and trust factor and to do that you need to be providing value.

Mistake #3: Not having their systems down from the beginning

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with mistake #1. I was a hot mess when first starting out when it came to systems and I feel like it totally hindered my growth. I feel like if I would have been more organized I would have had more time to do client outreach and serve my clients better.

Mistake #4: Not knowing who their ideal client actually is

Have you ever taken a client just because you needed the money? I know I sure have and most of the time, I ended up regretting that decision shortly after.

Nowadays, I stick to my ideal client profile pretty much exclusively. It helps both me and the client have a better experience overall.

Mistake #5: Forgetting to continue marketing themselves once they get too busy with clients

I am extremely guilty of this one but it’s important to never stop showing up even when you get bogged down with client work.

What if one of your clients has to leave for one reason or another? Then you will be scrambling to find a new client to take their place because you weren’t consistently showcasing yourself.

You need to always be working to get new leads in the pipeline so that you can work to expand your Social Media Management business into an agency if you desire.