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MinecraftOn! offers servers of all sizes to meet your individual needs. All Minecraft servers include the same features; the only difference between the package levels is the amount of RAM and CPU power your server is allocated. Servers are allocated a proportional portion of the total CPU power based on the amount of RAM they have. 

All of our host nodes are powered by industry-grade processors to ensure optimal performance. Besides high performance, we include all you need for the optimal experience, see our features and packages below. Take a look at what we offer, then order your high-quality server along with cheap Minecraft accounts and get your Minecraft on!

  • We can also create a custom package to meet your exact needs. Please feel free to contact us.
  • Try our demo server by connecting in-game to getyour.minecrafton.com which is running the Iron plan.
  • Have any questions? Check our FAQ, or contact us.

(mouse over the i for more info) Cobblestone Sandstone Iron Gold Diamond Dedicated RAM 512MB 768MB 1GB 2GB 3GB Recommended Player Slots 1-4+ 1-10+ 1-15+ 1-32+ 1-48+ Disk Space 5GB 7.5GB 10GB 20GB 30GB Monthly Cost $16.00 $23.00 $30.00 $58.00 $85.00 First month 13% off! $13.92 $20.01 $26.10 $50.46 $73.95 3 Months (5% off) $42.40 $60.95 $79.50 $153.70 $225.25 6 Months (10% off) $84.00 $120.75 $157.50 $304.50 $446.25 1 Year (15% off) $161.60 $232.30 $303.00 $585.80 $858.50 Order now!

Current Specials Boo! It’s the spooky time of year! To celebrate, we’re offering two great specials to our customers:

  • 13% off your first month of service – Use the coupon code box at checkout to receive a 13% discount.
  • 2 Months of Iron for $48 – We’re offering our powerful Iron package at a scary reduced rate! Receive 2 months of service for only $48! That’s 20% off the normal price! Click here to take advantage of this special deal!

All Plans Include:

Fully Managed –

If you don’t want to manage your server yourself, you can have us do it for you! We’ll install updates and make sure your server is always online. All you have to worry about is connecting and playing!

Bukkit Support –

All MinecraftOn! servers can optionally support Bukkit to provide plugins that add a ton of new and exciting features to the game! You can enable or disable Bukkit at any time using the control panel.

Full Control –

All Minecraft On! servers include full SSH and FTP access; giving you full control over the server if you want. If not, we’ll manage it for you. You can also use whichever 3rd party server or modification you wish.

Control Panel –

The exclusive Minecraft! web panel allows you to control and configure your server with the push of a button. Features include: start/stop, control OPs, kick/ban, modify the configuration, view a log, send commands, and more!

Remote Backups –

All Minecraft On! servers include daily remote backups of your server. This, along with the automatic local backups and on-demand backups from the control panel will ensure you always have a backup copy of your world.

Custom Subdomain –

You’ll get an easy to remember subdomain of your own which you can use to connect to your server. If you have your own domain name, we can help you point it to your server.

Power You Need –

Each server is dedicated ¼ CPU core per 1GB of RAM, ensuring your server has the power it needs. Our host nodes use industry-grade processors and are connected through a 100Mbit uplink port.

Dedicated Resources –

Your Minecraft server is run in a Xen powered virtual environment with dedicated resources. The Xen software ensures your server always has full control of its dedicated share of CPU and RAM to ensure optimum performance.

Worldwide Performance –

Our servers are located in Portland, Oregon, the USA with great connectivity and ping times all over the world. Your international users will experience the same high level of performance like everyone else.

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