To use a mil dot scope the shooter must spit their focus between the actual target and the readings on the scope. An mil dot rifle scope is not designed to aid vision so much as capture the ultimate precision in combination with the maker’s individual gun characteristics. The mil dot rifle scope is used with assumption for the operator’s familiarity with estimation equations and lens focusing inside the rifle scope. Quarter mil and tenth mil range indicators will reflect accuracy references.

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The circular diameter of the rangefinder mixed with the actual range to the target derives a value assisting hunters and sportsmen how far away to set up their shot. The mil dot reading is drawn from the actual relationship of the target to settings and marking on the mil scope. The cross hairs of the invisible lines (crossing through the intersection of two lines meeting in the middle of the scope) are used to derive the range value. A post or other larger visual reference next to the target can also be sited. Target size, mils range read and range to target are the variables.

When target size is counted in inches, the application of 1,000 after dividing by 36 is used. For millimeters target size is counted divided by 39 multiplied by 1,000. T ((target) multiplied by ) Z /r = m (mils read). The result is mils value for the scope (in the corresponding metric). So, a fourteen inch rabbit is 389 yards, (14 /36 (1,000) = mils (in yards). this is 388.8 with a remainder, to be exact.The divisor is 39 when meters are used, with a 359 result in meters.

For shooters less handy with fractions and decimals on the hoof, calculators and slide estimators are available for handy hunting pocket use. Experience with targets will make the process easier. The mil dot rifle scope is designed for use with access to this information in hand. Precision shooters and expert sportsmen will aggressively utilize mildot scopes as they advance in skill and marksmanship over their hunting or shooting careers.

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