Here we are approximately 14 days after the marijuana clones were transferred to the 6″ Rockwool cubes and placed in the hydroponic table. These plants have grown significantly since the last post and if you are interested in growing such plants then you can buy weed Toronto from here. I’ve also posted some pics of the individual strains so you can see the different phenotypes(characteristics). Be sure to click on the “MORE” link to read the complete details.

Since the last post, I have attached my exhaust fan to the 1000 watt HPS light and attached to the same timer as the ballast. It will now vent whenever the light is on removing unwanted heat from the grow space. It’s cold at the moment so I’m using this heat source to warm the reservoir and the room. I only do this in the cold winter months(Dec, Jan)as it works great for my particular room. The rest of the year the light is vented with air separate from the grow room. It never mixes so no smells will permeate. You must learn to keep your growing environment at or as close to your desirable growing temps. 74 is a good rule of thumb. 60′s to get those purple phenotypes really showing. Simple changes can make degrees of difference. I’ll plug some tips regarding this.

After the room was set up and prepared, I pre-soaked the 6″ Rockwool cubes in the tub and swished them around a bit to remove a lot of the loose debris. Next, I fit the 2″ clone cubes into the larger cubes. Just cut as needed. Now just place them in the tray

And now 13 days later we’re pretty much up to date. Sometime within the next week, I’ll check to see if we’ve got the growth for cloning. As for now, they are really taking off and I do not want to stress them. They are exhibiting fast growth now due to the roots establishing and they are no longer stressed from the move and new growing climate. These girls are happy once again, and it shows. I tested the PH regularly in the first couple of days. Adding PH down when necessary. It is a tedious task at first. It seems all brands of PH down act much different so it’s a trial and error, “wing’s it”, sort of thing. Just add the PH down slowly and when you get close, whether over or under, stop and let it mix well. After a few hours check it again. Eventually, it will balance somewhat and you will not have such drastic swings. Keep that PH as close to 5.8 as possible. For every point, there is a 10 x swing in acidity. You can see why 4.3 one day and 8.4 the next really stresses the marijuana plants. A digital PH meter here is highly recommended.

Point and click. I am feeding 600ppm currently and will bump it to 900ppm next week. I’ve set the table to flood twice daily or every 12 hours however you want to look at it. Next week I’ll change to every 6 hours. Temps are 78 with no A/C with the light on and I’m heating with a thermostat adjusted ceramic heater set at 72 lights off. When the weather warms up I’ll need to kick the Air Conditioner on thermostat full time and the heater most definitely removed. Hmmmmm….what else. Oh….I have a couple of smaller submersible pumps in the reservoir that run non stop. I have them pointed in opposite directions generating a kind of “eddy” or “whirlpool” effect. This keeps the nutrients from settling to the bottom as well as keep the water moving and oxygenated. I also have replaced the canister in my automatic pesticide releaser thingy. It’s like those commercial fragrance dispensers you see in public restrooms. You can also get flying insect bug killer refills for those in some hardware stores. For some reason, I only have luck finding them at ACE hardware.

Here are the four medicinal marijuana strains we have growing. Top Left: Strawberry CoughxDeep Chunk; Top Right: Purple Kush; Bottom Left: Black Domina; Bottom Right: G13

Each of the marijuana strains shown grows differently. Considering they are all growing in the exact same environment, it’s quite interesting to observe the different characteristics. Out of these 4 marijuana strains I definitely like what I see so far out of the purple kush strain. Many bud sites are already appearing and the plants are staying quite short. The Strawberry cough is staying quite compact as well at this point. Not as many bud sites. Black Domina resembles a Northern strain to me. The G13 has very little branching so far and is the fastest grower. I’ll probably top this strain more than once. All in all, they appear to have very healthy new growth and look great.

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