Ki (The Japanese Term), aka Chi or Qi (Chinese Terms) refers to Life Force/energy. There are other terms used for Ki also in different cultures. Eg: Prana for Hindus and Kaa for ancient Egyptians).

This is an invisible force present in the interaction between Yin and Yang. It was first seen to have 2 basic natures, the first of which was an emanation from the earth giving rise to landscape, soil and water and the second type of energy emanated from the heavens, this type of ki is said to determine the seasons and the climate. It is detectable as a result of this interaction and depending on the relative configuration of Yin/Yang present, it will be manifest as a particular ‘signature’ or pattern.

Ki flows through the body, the food we eat, through our homes and offices and in the air we breath. It permeates all of nature. Like other forces of nature, the nature of Ki is dynamic – constantly moving from one entity to the next. This movement means our personal energy is mixing with that of other different types of Ki all around us all the time. Feng Shui helps understand the movement of ki and by positioning ourselves in terms of location and behaviour in a favourable way in relation to the ever-changing ki, our health and happiness can be maintained.

Ki should not be confused with Yin/Yang as it is related but not the same. The nature of Ki is directly dependent on Yin and Yang however. In the Far East, the cultivation and control of Ki is at the heart of meditation, healing and indeed the martial arts.

• At the crown of the head

• Just below your navel and

Ki flows throughout the body through a series of 7 key energy areas known as the chakras. These chakras are situated

Ancient peoples believed that universal Ki energy originated in the cosmos itself and was filtered by 9 primary stars, hence this gave rise to the name 9 Star Ki.

The outermost areas of this filtration system are bounded by two stars – Vega and Polaris. Vega is in the Lyra constellation and it is the the brightest star in the summer sky. Vega represents one end of the energetic spectrum with the traits cold, winter and the passive energy of the moon. Polaris (aka the North Star) lies less than one degree from the northern celestial pole and thus always appears in a northerly direction for anyone standing on earth). To get more ideas, insights and information about astrology, you can visit This website will provide you with all the relevant and reliable information that you will need in order to fully understand the concept of astrology. 

As the earth turns on it’s axis, it’s apparent static position relative to ours means the stars in the sky appear to turn around it. Polaris represents the opposite end of the spectrum with the traits of association with the sun and the active energy of fire. Vega and Polaris are also representative of Yin and Yang respectively.

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