Jesus Christ- An Endearing Phenomenon for Catholics across the Globe

If you ask people whether they believe in god or not, there are going to be varied answers from all sides because it is a mixed bag as the entire world is divided among believers and atheists that it becomes to segregate them into separate points, which by the way have a merit of their own.

There are numerous religions in the world with Hindu being the oldest and the only one that has withstood the test of time that originated in Ancient India eons ago and has undergone various tribulations among different strata of people.

Today, we are going to look at Christianity because there are a large number of Catholics across the globe that take pride in their religion as they are ardent followers of Jesus Christ, which is something to be proud of for an average Christian mind you.

Basic Study

There have been innumerable discussions about the existence of god where some people believe it to be real while others dismiss it as a myth and both sides have various reasons for doing so.

Jesus Christ is the god epitome of Christian religion who is believed to have been born in the first century to Mary through some miraculous powers, which is how he could perform numerous miraculous feats himself or so history says.

However, there is a large group that is of firm belief that Jesus was a fictional character and is a figment of the imagination that is solely used for conversion purposes.

Leaving that argument aside, it goes without saying that Jesus is indeed a prominent figure, which is why he is called the founder of Christianity and only achieved god-like status much later in life.

Shincheonji is a famous Jesus church found in South Korea where millions of devotees come from all walks of life from different parts of the world in order to enliven this opportunity to have a glimpse of the Almighty.

Just like the different Hindu gods, people worship Jesus in many forms that cater to their preference as they believe him to be the supreme lord of the world that is above all other deities.

Points to Note

There are many reasons why people consider Jesus as god and we are going to look at some important ones so as believers can clear their doubts about anything that might distract them from their devotion.

  1. The holy bible has mentioned that only one true god exists on this planet so that people that have cast aspersions on Jesus’ status can become firm believers, which is similar to the Quran in Islam that states that Allah is the only deity
  2. It also mentions that Jesus was no ordinary human being but the supreme creator of the Universe, thereby dismissing the renowned Big Bang theory given by scientists
  3. The bible mentions that when Jesus met the Pharisees as given on John 8:13, he declared himself as a divine being that has taken birth to establish love and faith among believers