Is Laser Tattoo Removal Safe – Know About The Safe Methods

Tattoos have been part of human history and culture since time immemorial. The only thing that has changed is the variety and vibrancy of the dyes being used. Tattoos are great medium to express one’s beliefs, feelings, ideas etc. But as with any other area our tastes, our beliefs change. So when you get a particular design to signify a particular idea, there is no guarantee that you might like it couple of months or years down the lane. Thank God for the availability of methods to remove tattoos. Otherwise we would be saddled with a tattoo which we would no longer believe in. The of these treatments for tattoo removal is the laser treatment using the Q switched lasers. They are known for providing the best results. In fact many studios for Laser tattoo removal Las Vegas has offer this laser tattoo removal treatment.

Ethos Spa Laser Center is using the safe and secure method for the removing of the hair from the skin and other body parts. There are some studies available to choose the best and safe method. The treatment is carried through some skills and excellence.

In this article we would try to provide you with valuable information which can help you in making the right decision for removing the tattoo using laser technology.

Even though Q switched lasers are known to remove tattoos without much side effects, the tattoo removal usually takes many sittings and it might not be a 100% success at the end of the day. In particular if the tattoos are multi colored then it might require more number of sittings than usual. But they are definitely the possible options for getting your tattoo removed though it might take a little longer time.

Let us first understand the benefits that one can expect from the laser tattoo removal treatment. During this method of tattoo removal, the laser is targeting specifically at the area where the tattoo is done and thus without effecting the area around the tattoo the laser rays break the tattoo dyes. Because of this method there is less danger of scarring of the skin. The lasers targeted are of different wavelengths and even of different pulse durations, hence each of these act on specific color. Thus this treatment definitely would be successful if a professionally certified person does the procedure. Once the treatment is completed the skin would be smooth and almost natural looking though there might be some slight changes in the texture of the skin and also the color of the skin.

Now let us look at the actual process of laser treatment removal. The dermatologist or the professional tattoo removal expert would first clean the area of the tattoo so as to remove any oil or cream deposits on the skin. After this the laser rays are directed on the area of the tattoo. When this is done you would feel the power of the laser emissions penetrating the area of the tattoo. You can also hear the noise that the laser makes while it is working; you need not be worried about the hum of the machine. More over in most cases fans are run on a continuous basis so as to reduce the temperature in the room because of the laser beams and also to ensure that the air in the room is clean.

The whole laser procedure for tattoo removal can take any time between 10 to 20 minutes per sitting. But it should be remembered here that the complete process takes several sittings so as to ensure that the tattoo is completely removed. The number of sittings required usually depends upon the depth of the tattoo and the color of the dyes used. But one can think on an average that it would take about 5 to 15 sittings to ensure that the tattoo is removed nicely. Ideally the different sittings for the laser tattoo removal should be phased for once in a month so that the treatment would deliver results. So this is not a quick fix treatment but would need substantial amount of commitment from you.

Most people when told about the laser tattoo removal method would be worried about the pain that they might have to go through as part of the procedure. But be assured that the pain is not really too much. The pain is very much similar to the pain you might have when scratched by a cat or bitten by a mosquito. In some cases the pain might be a little bit more than what you might have felt when you got your tattoo done.

Given all these points it is clear that the laser tattoo removal method using the Q Switched lasers is the most safe and effective mode for tattoo removal. It is no wonder that most tattoo studios Las Vegas has offer this particular treatment for tattoo removal.