Inexpensive and Eco-Friendly Ways to Stay Cool in Summer

With the coming of the summer heat means blasting air conditioners and an increase of water usage. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it is going to be bad for the wallet as well. There are more eco-friendly, and wallet friendly, ways to stay cool in the blistering heat.

Go where there is water

Go to your nearest beach, indoor swimming pool or water park and try to walk there if possible. Take advantage of water that will be there whether or not you are instead of running your own water. It is an eco-friendly way to have some summer fun and stay cool in the process.

Go where there is already air conditioning

Head to places like the movies or library where the air conditioning runs all day and some hours at night. Another option is to get together with friends at one person’s home. If a person is there, it means that the air conditioner is not running at their house. You can take turns at each other’s houses each time you get together.

Everyone has an air conditioner installed in their homes these days as it has become a necessity during peak summers that are cruelly intolerable for most folks and one of the best brands is blaux portable ac where you have certain unique features to look forward to.

Wear the right clothing

Dark clothes attract heat, which means you are going to feel quite a bit hotter than if you wear light clothes. Opt for white or pastel colors instead of darker colors such as brown or black. In addition, wear clothing that you feel cool in such as tank tops, dresses or shorts instead of long pants or t-shirts.

Air-dry instead of towel dry

If you have ever come out of the shower and opened the bathroom door, you know how your body feels as the cold air hits your skin. Take advantage of this feeling in order to cool down a bit. It feels refreshing and it is less towels that you have to wash.

Use a fan

A fan uses much less electricity than an air conditioner. Use a fan in the room that you will be in. While you may want to cool off every room in your home, there is no use in having them cool if no one is going to be in there.

Change to room darkening shades in the summer

Instead of having regular blinds, change to room darkening shades. It is an eco-friendly way to keep the light out and prevent your room from heating up. If you have a problem getting up in the morning, you may want to use these in rooms other than your bedroom.

Use a mini water-misting fan

When I went to an amusement park, I had no problem walking around the entire day in 90-degree temperatures because I had a mini water-misting fan that I carried with me. I was cool and did not get overheated. This is great to use whether you are out or at home.

Eat frozen treats

Frozen treats keep you feeling cool during the hot weather. You can buy a package of popsicle sticks from a craft store, pour some juice into an ice cube tray, and then put the popsicle sticks in when the treats are almost frozen. The sticks can be reused whenever you make your next set.

There are plenty of eco-friendly, inexpensive ways to stay cool in summer. Before you turn on the air conditioner, do what you can to cool yourself off first by trying other alternatives. It is better for the environment and can end up saving you quite a bit of money.