How to Prepare for Reaching Your Final Weight Loss Goal

If you’ve been dieting for longer than five minutes, you understand the meaning of the “final round” of your weight loss plan all too well. Individuals losing large amounts of weight tend to have “rounds” of weight loss throughout their journeys. Lose twenty pounds, wait two months, then start again. Sound familiar? When we reach a specific goal, we tend to tell ourselves that it’s time to take a break and adjust to our new diet and exercise habits. While this is normal, it can also lead to seemingly never-ending plateaus due to a lack of motivation. After all, you look and feel so much better as you reach each new goal that it’s hard to tell yourself to get moving again for an even harder session. To break past that mentality and prepare for reaching your final weight loss goal, try keeping the following tips in mind.

Of course, you know to get back into the swing of things slowly. Shave off 50-100 calories from each meal, and add ten to fifteen minutes of exercise to your routine. You’ve come a long way from where you started, and it’s going to take just a bit more effort to break past those final goals. Ease into your weight loss plan again with moderation.

As the pounds begin to fall back off (which may take a week or two, so be patient), step up your reward system. This is big, after all, so treat yourself accordingly. While many long term dieters already use a reward system of some sort to motivate themselves toward a far-off goal, start rewarding yourself for every single pound lost once you enter the final 10-20 pound weight loss phase. Each week, have a small reward in place for one pound of weight loss, a slightly larger reward for losing two pounds, etc. Why? Because the closer you get to your weight loss goal, the more difficult it becomes to lose each and every pound. The effort intensifies, and rewards for every milestone will help keep you motivated and on track.

A common problem among long-term dieters is reaching the point where another twenty pounds or so lost would mean being at their goal, but apathy begins to set in. They begin to feel “good enough” where they are and lack the determination to keep going until the very end. When this happens, begin doing daily “diet devotionals” by reading clips of weight loss stories that inspire you. Stories from those who stuck it out to the end are featured in weight loss magazines every month, so clip out those that impress you as you go for a daily pick-me-up reference. Begin each morning by reviewing one that will remind you of your goals.

Of course, while motivation from others is wonderful, the best motivation is your own progress. To prepare for the journey to your final weight loss goal, start a weight loss scrapbook. Paste a picture of yourself at your current size on the first page, and write down your current weight next to your photo. Because long-term dieters tend to let how far they’ve come keep them from going any further (again, the “good enough” mentality kicks in), giving yourself a diary of your progress from your new “starting point” will help you get in the right mindset for your final goal.

Furthermore, you may also consider taking weight loss supplement like leptoconnect. This will support your diet and system so you can achieve your desired weight. This product is also made from natural ingredients so you can assure that it is very safe to take.

On that note, begin tracking your new weight loss journey with a progress graph. Many websites offer free tracking tools including graphs that track your weight loss as you go. Print out your updated graph each week to keep that motivational sense of urgency flowing.

Finally, start preparing for the lifestyle you will lead at your goal weight by creating a recipe book filled with creative snack and meal ideas that are within your new caloric limits. Because losing weight and keeping it off is a lifetime commitment, you’ll find sticking to your diet much easier if meal planning isn’t such a bother. Over time your stomach will adjust to let you know when enough is enough, but until then it might be a good idea to control portions with pre-calculated recipes created during your journey.

Remember, you didn’t come this far in your weight loss program to stop now. Keep your head down and run hard. The finish line is within your reach.