So I have a few things I need to do in order to gain weight. Number One would be to have a solid workout routine where I really push myself. Number Two is to eat enough food and protein in order to gain mass.

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#1: You can find my FREE routine HERE. It may be updated and changed as my needs change but I will keep a history of changes and why I made the changes.

#2: At my current weight, I need roughly 2500 calories a day to slowly gain weight. For the purposes of speeding up the gaining process I will attempt to eat 3000 calories per day. I will post a few times a week what my daily diet looks like in order to reach that 3000 calories.

Why is it hard for me (And by “me” I mean me and you) to gain weight? Well a lot of people blame their inability to gain weight on a fast metabolism, however it is incorrect to do so. Regardless of the speed of your metabolism, there is a break-even amount of calories that you need to eat every day in order to maintain the same weight. People who stay the same weight over a long period of time eat, have an average calorie consumption of this break even amount.

How many calories do I need? Well that is for you to figure out, there are some online calculators that will give you a rough estimate, but it is up to you to keep track. If an online calorie calculator estimates that you need 2000 calories a day to maintain weight, well try increasing it to 2,500 per day for a couple of weeks and see where you land. If you still are not gaining, increase it further, to say 2,750 calories per day.

But I eat all the time, I still cant gain weight… Oh really? Have you REALLY sat down and counted the calories for EVERY single thing you have eaten during the day, for at least a week, and been accurate (not guessing)… This means looking at the nutrition facts and measuring your portions for everything you eat… If you do this I guarantee you will come to the realization that you are not eating as many calories as you think you are… FOR EXAMPLE before I started keeping track I thought “I eat all the time, i’m never hungry, i just cant gain weight”. I estimated that I must have been eating at least 2,500 a day (not really knowing at all)… Once I started counting for an entire week, I realized that while some days I did pig out and eat over 2,500 calories, ON AVERAGE I was eating less than 1,200 calories a day! No wonder I was so skinny!

Counting calories is a pain in the ass until you start to remember portion sizes and calorie content of food you eat regularly… Then at the end of the day it is really easily to tabulate everything and calculate how much more you need to eat before going to bed… For instance, I know that the glasses in my house hold 300 calories worth of whole milk when filled to the top, and a large squirt of strawberry syrup pushes that up to 400 calories. I know that a box of macaroni and cheese contains 900 calories and that eating 3/4 of it gives me 600 calories… It gets easier as you do it… is a GREAT resource for researching calorie content for things that dont have nutrition facts, like fruits and vegetables that you buy in the produce section.

Soooo…. it turns out that you are not gaining weight because you get full too fast / don’t get hungry often enough, and therefore do not consume enough calories. Foods all have a “fullness factor”, by this I mean, some foods will make you feel full after 200 calories, some foods will leave you wanting more after 500 calories. The trick is to consume the foods that allow you to eat a lot of calories without making you feel full. HERE I have a list of foods that I think have a low “fullness factor”, because i can consume a lot of calories and still not feel full, which allows me to more easily reach my daily calorie goals. (For example I feel pretty full after drinking an entire can of root beer which only has 140 calories, but I can drink a glass of whole milk with flavored syrup and not feel full at all which has over 300 calories).. Fullness factor may vary among everyone so if you have something with a lot of calories that doesn’t fill you too much, feel free to send it HERE and I’ll put it on the site.

Stretching Your Stomach

You may struggle attempting to make your daily calorie goals if you are new to gaining. Your first month might make you hate food because you will get full easily and feel bloated all of the time, but your stomach will stretch and grow as your body adjusts to eating more food. Just keep at it, because it only gets easier. Eventually you will start getting hungry more easily and more often which helps a lot.

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