How I Effortlessly Lost Over 30 Pounds in a Month

I remember sifting through my closet every day looking for something cute to wear before settling on a t-shirt and baggy sweats. This was an every day ritual for me until I ran across a book that changed my life. I was about 30 pounds over weight which might not see like an unreasonable amount but at 5’2′, 30 pounds makes you look quite chubby. On top of this I had loose skin in some unflattering areas of my body. My body had lost all it’s pre-baby glory. My daughter was a year old and I was still struggling with the weight. This was about the time I came upon a book called Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About by Kevin Trudeau. I was completely fascinated with what I was reading and even took the time to highlight many areas of special interest and flag certain pages. Along with all the very useful information in this book, Kevin had also included many other books and authors on related stories of weight loss and natural healing. With check over resurge customer reviews, the reading of the blogs will be easy for the person. The loss in the weight will meet with the specifications of the person. Some stories can be provided to the person to reduce the weight and excessive fat from the body. 

One particular subject peaked my interest and that was one of raw, organic foods. This was when I started scouring the internet for every article I could find on the subject and realized how much sense it made to me. I quickly learned what organic farming meant, farming without the use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides which coincidentally have been found in masses in the tumors of cancer patients. I also quickly found out that cooking anything above 118 degrees destroys all enzymes, which is the life force in food. All nutrients are found in raw uncooked food. These raw foods also provide amazing amounts of energy to the body. There it was staring me in the face, these two little things I had never heard much about yet, something just clicked and it made so much sense.

I now knew what to do. I was running like a horse out of the gate. I needed to stock up on raw, organic fruits and vegetables, so I was off to the grocery store with my baby girl in tow buying any fruit I could find and any vegetable I knew I could handle eating raw. Now, this diet isn’t without a few bumps, especially if you are highly toxic due to all the processed foods you have been eating over the years. I remember waking up extremely ill on the third morning due to my body releasing so much toxic build up. It wasn’t just mild nausea either. I was gagging, crumpled over on the floor not knowing how I was going to take care of my daughter that day. I decided on a few crackers and a little sprite. It worked after about an hour the nausea went away. This was when I perfected the plan by adding in something cooked , specifically organic vegan soups every two to three days in place of a raw dinner. It worked and I was well on my way. It takes a lot of will power but other than that it was the easiest way I have ever lost weight. I lost over 30 pounds in just a month. My energy levels sky rocketed and I was sleeping only 6 hours a night, yet I never felt better. I started off at 140 pounds and was down to 103. I got so many compliments and people were amazed at how fast I lost so much weight. My skin was glowing and I felt amazing. There are many books out today that can help you get started, just check in the health, nutrition and cooking sections of your bookstore. Also, most employees at any health food store are more than happy to give you guidance and start you on your way. The toughest part is taking that first step, but when you do, you will start reaping the benifits of your new body so fast that you will never look back.