The initial session takes 1 1/2 hours. During this time we will establish which treatment is best for your situation. We take into account weight, health, eating habits, triggers and behaviours. This session also includes hypnotherapy to start you on your way by lifting your confidence, self esteem and motivation and reducing the desire for unhealthy food.

The best fat burner has no harmful effect on health and offer immediate results to the individuals. The eating habits are the right one to get immediate effect on the weight. The consumption of the junk food is reduced and proper exercise will provide the desired results to the people.

If we decide the full hypno-band “surgery” would benefit you then we follow this with 4 x 1 hour appointments during which time we address any underlying emotional and/or habitual eating patterns and undergo the actual “surgical” procedure.

Over these four sessions we take you through the process of having a gastric band fitted, only in your mind. By using suggestions and visualisation your mind will be convinced that your stomach has become smaller and that you need less food. By eating less and less often you will begin to lose weight. The process uses hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural techniques to help you achieve your ideal weight and stay there!

Please note. You will be consciously aware that you have not had surgery. The reason this works is that habitual and emotional behaviours are automatically generated by the subconscious mind. That is why, even though you know you eat too much and/or eat the “wrong” foods, you find yourself continuing this behaviour. Sometimes its even a “need” that you can’t consciously over-ride. It is therfore the subconscious mind that must be addressed and it is the subconscious mind that will believe you have had the band inserted and will send out the “automatic” messages to stop eating because you are full.

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