Guide to Hercules in Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Overview – Hercules is a character well worth his high command point cost and you can learn about all his special moves and powers on unblocked games at school. He is a solid bodyguard style bruiser with powerful counterattacks and the potential to build up power rapidly and effectively. His abilities are both offensive and defensive, making him one of the better-balanced heroes in the game. His biggest flaw is that anything that breaks the momentum of his build-up basically forces him to start from scratch. As such, enemies that stun, remove buffs, or use stealthy attacks are a bad matchup for him.

How to Obtain – Hercules can be purchased for 90 command points.

Special Abilities – Likes it Rough / Son of Zeus – The first ability randomly provides stamina for Hercules whenever he is hit with an attack. This ability practically assures that Hercules will never run out of stamina in a battle. The second ability causes Hercules to deal increasingly more damage with attacks and take increasingly less damage from attacks for each of the following buffs he has: agile, focused, strengthened, fortified. Also, if Hercules gains all four buffs, his attacks always deal critical hits. Since Hercules has the ability to place all of these buffs on himself, he can easily be a powerhouse hero.

Pankration Pummel (Level 1) – This moderately high stamina cost melee attack deals high damage to a single target. In addition, Hercules gains the fortified buff and the target deals reduced melee damage for around.

Gift of Battle (Level 2) – Gift of Battle should always be used in the first round of any battle. When used, Hercules, gains the agile buff and intercepts all attacks against allies, including area attacks. Furthermore, Hercules counterattacks melee attacks with Pankration Pummel and ranged attacks with Rock of Ages. If there are both ranged and melee enemies in a fight, Hercules can potentially get every buff except for strengthened in a single round.

Rock of Ages (Level 6) – Rock of Ages is a remarkably efficient attack. For a high stamina cost, this ranged attack deals high damage to a single target and gives the focused buff to Hercules. Additionally, the attack deals extra damage to flying targets and reduces the ranged damage of the target for around. Since flying targets generally use ranged attacks, these abilities synergize well.

Column Down (Level 9) – This ridiculously high stamina cost attack deals low damage to all targets but comes with a number of benefits. The attack automatically hits and ignores avoidance effects and provides the strengthened buff to Hercules. It also has a chance to stun all the targets hit. Finally, this attack deals bonus damage on a critical hit, which means it deals very high damage if Hercules has all four buffs on him.

Unlocks – Hercules is currently required to unlock the epic boss Dormammu. in special operation 4. When this special operation ends he will no longer be required to unlock any game content.

PvP – Hercules is a mostly untested quantity in PvP. As a bruiser, he is vulnerable to blasters and PvP blasters are usually designed entirely for the offense. Still, he should be able to survive a hit and his counterattack would devastate many of the popular blasters, especially Human Torch. If he can manage to build up, he is absolutely devastating, and with assistance from the agent or Sif, it is possible for him to build up in a single round. That said, many popular PvP heroes can remove buffs on enemies, which would cripple Hercules. Captain America is probably currently a better bodyguard for PvP, but Hercules has more damage potential which makes him at least a solid second-tier PvP choice if not a top tier one.