Good Reasons to Watch Movies Online Rather Than In Theatres

While it is true that some movie buffs don’t like missing out on a new blockbuster release and rather want to be among the proud first few viewers to watch them in a theatre. 

There are other sects of cinephiles who consider watching movies at home more convenient than in movie halls. To be fair, every individual is different, and so are their perspectives. 

Furthermore…, There Is Always Two Sides Of This Debate!

Watching movies at theatres is often considered the most sought-after activity- be it for friends who want to hang out together or love-birds who want to spend some romantic moments at the back seat or the theatre. 

But then, if one thinks about it, they can always do that at home too. They can invite their friends, arrange for booze and food and watch movies at their own home theatre via popular streaming platforms like Netflix or Prime Video. The same applies to love-birds who can cosy up together on the sofa, watch a romantic flick and enjoy their time sweet time together.

So, it boils down to what works best for you (as well as your mates/partner). Not to offend theatre lovers, especially since we all occasionally love going to the cinema hall for new blockbuster releases, but the truth is- watching movies at home is comparatively a better option to watching them at theatres.

And although it is true that many of you may disagree with this, there are some awesome reasons in support of this. 

Follow closely!

One Subscription Allows You a Library of Thousands of Movies & Web Series Titles for an Entire Month

Whenever there is a big blockbuster release, the price of movie tickets is often very high. In fact, sometimes they are so high that it makes a movie watcher wait for the prices to drop. 

On the other hand, top streaming platforms come with a monthly subscription that allows you a library of thousands of top-rated movies, web series, and documentaries for that whole month. 

By streaming movies at home, you can watch your favourite flick any number of times you want, whenever you want, and in whichever device you choose without having to pay any extra. So, that’s certainly a big advantage!

You Control What You Watch Without Any Disturbances

When you watch a movie at a theatre, there is never a pause button. It keeps going on, and if you, unfortunately, miss something, then that’s it. The only time you can take a break- be it for going to the loo, refilling your popcorn, or getting a soft-drink is in the intermission. But that too can sometimes be inconvenient. Since everyone else takes their break simultaneously, the outside corridor gets very crowded, causes unwanted delays, and may sometimes make you miss out on a couple of scenes. 

On the flip side, watching movies at home brings no such inconveniences or disappointments off, missing out on scenes. Popular streaming platforms and even sites which allow streaming gratuit (free) services allow you to pause any scene if you have to run to the loo or take a break. You can resume from where you left off without missing out on anything. 

You can pause it, rewind it, skip it, restart or do whatever you please. Simply put- it’s your home, and so your rules apply. Simply lock your room, dim or turn off the lights and watch your favourite flicks, without anyone there to ruin it for you. And that is another great convenience.

You Can Enjoy Streaming Movies as its No Holds Barred At Home

Answer these honestly- 

  • Can you truly say that you can enjoy your desired movie at the theatre almost every time? 
  • Or can you absolutely be sure that you can watch the movie in your most comfortable attire? 
  • Or, can you hysterically chortle at a particular scene without others gazing at you with raised eyebrows?

Can you…? 

Truth be told, while the giant-sized screen and enhanced sound volumes do create a spectacular viewing experience inside theatres, there are times when you have to deal with unprecedented and even uncontrollable situations, unfortunately.

But when you choose to stream movies at home, you don’t have to worry about anything (other than ensuring your net connection is up and running smoothly).  You don’t have to groom up or worry about traffic jams or missing out on scenes due to reaching late.

You can simply cozy up in your PJs, lock the room, switch off the lights, and play the movie without a worry in the world. What’s more, if you finish up with one, you can play another blockbuster almost immediately either with booze, a bowl or instant ramen, or some hot chocolate!

In Addition To These, Here Are More Reasons Why Watching Movies Online At Home Is Better!

  • To compensate for the large theatre screen, you can simply purchase a home theatre and arrange for surround sound boxes to create your customized theatre style movie experience
  • You can get an unlimited supply of food, snacks, drinks (and even your favourite toke, if that’s what you want) easily. This is something you cannot do at theatres due except at one specific time. So, in comparison, watching movies at home is not only convenient in terms of the availability of food and drinks but cost-friendly too!
  • Lastly, not every movie you see is easy to understand the first time. Imagine you paying heavily for a movie, and despite watching it, you still couldn’t make head or tail about some of its scenes- only to come back and watch it again later at home. (Ouch…). But when you watch them at home, you can go back and use the subtitles to connect the dots.

All these reasons make it clear why streaming gratuit (free) movies at home after subscribing is better in comparison to watching it in the theatre. Many have even started to believe that online streaming will be the future of entertainment. And with the quality and quantity of awesome content available at some of the top streaming platforms, this trend will continue to boom even more in the upcoming months and years!