Free Movies- Availing the Best Options for Pastime

This is a free and democratic world where everyone has the rights to live life the way they want to without anyone dictating terms to them, especially the youth population of today that aren’t used to being ordered around.

Today’s youth are quite rebellious and aggressive in nature that is determined to achieve their goals by going to any extent even if it is out of the bounds of ethics and morality that is the proverbial danger signal signifying that this needs to be looked into.

Now who is to blame for this change? The society has changed to a great degree which is nothing new as that happens every few decades and this is no different right now as we are in 2020 where everything is modern and upfront with social media playing a huge role in changing the lifestyle of people.

Locked Up in Lockdown

The lockdown period seems no signs of slowing down due to the menace that is Covid-19 acquiring an aggressive turn with the death toll rising to a new level but what is more important is the safety of the citizens as the four walled inside of their house is the safest way to practice social distancing and avoid the disease from spreading.

In such a scenario, with little to do, watching movies seems to be the only alternative to keep oneself engaged in a big way and let’s face it people that wanted to have a respite from grueling work schedule have got way more than they could have ever bargained for.

Who could have thought around a year back that something called corona virus would shape the history of this planet in a few months? People that were complaining about the boring and monotonous office life have got the longest break they could have ever hoped for.

This is the reason why most youngsters have utilized this opportunity to the hilt and are looking out for the best online platforms to watch their favorite flicks due to being locked up.

Therefore, let us look at some of the best movie apps to watch movies so that people are aware about where to look for regarding films of different eras.


  • Solar Movie-

Most people would be confused and ask what is solarmovie? As it isn’t as popular as Netflix but it has numerous movies right from the modern day flicks to the immortal classics of old times

  • Sony Crackle-

It is the most preferred option for youngsters for streaming movies as they are most familiar with Sony and therefore, place more trust in it than other brands

  • Tubi-

It is impossible to exclude Tubi as it is a leading name when it comes to movie apps of good quality films that can be watched with the entire family

  • Film Rise-

It is a favorite hub for cult classic lovers like Pretty Woman and Patch Adams which is why these movies are readily available on this app that has made it a household name