When I first started selling online, I was an eBay seller and I stored and shipped all of my orders from the bonus room inside my house while fighting with PayPal over customer refunds and other related issues. When I ventured over to selling on Amazon, I discovered the world of Fulfillment by Amazon. There are many advantages to being a seller with FBA; here are just a few of them.

Hands Free Customer Service

As an FBA seller, you simply upload your inventory with the prices you decide to sell them for, label the product and ship it to one of Amazon’s many warehouses across the country (even around the world). My favorite advantage to this program is that once I ship the bulk inventory to the warehouse, Amazon handles the rest of the process and works for me while I do whatever else I have to do, even while I sleep or go on vacation. When a customer wants to return an item, they ship it back to the warehouse it came from and Amazon makes the decision on what to do and corrects the issue for me. When a customer orders an item of mine, the process is all controlled in house and FBA collects payment, picks and ships the item and does it all with hours of the sale. Amazon works for me 24/7/365!

Getting Paid to Shop

I constantly refer to being a Fulfillment by Amazon seller as getting paid to shop. In essence that is all I have to do. I go around on my own time and locate merchandise that I believe I can resell for a profit and bring it home. After a little time pricing, labeling and shipping to the warehouse, I go out to buy more merchandise while waiting for my check to come for my sales. The best way I can help expand my business in this program is to continue shopping around for more inventory. The more merchandise I send into Amazon to sell, the more sales I generate and the more profits I earn.

This is one of the most foolproof ways to get profits in a short span given the market turbulence that has been taking place for a long time where you can simply buy helium, for example, quite easily as Helium 10’s app consists of 20 tools.

An Almost Consistent Paycheck

While there are no guarantees as to how much anyone will make in this type of business, I really like the fact that Amazon pays their sellers almost like a regular job. Every other week on Sundays, Amazon processes their payroll for their FBA sellers. After expenses are taken out and all overhead fees are covered (inbound shipping, subscription fees, FBA fees and per sale fees), they issues each seller their remaining profits via direct deposit to their bank account. As long as you keep your sales growing and pay off your inbound expenses as they are incurred, you could keep earning a regular income from this business.

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