Escape From Tarkov Is An Upgradation Of Battle Royale

If you are here, you must be a fan of Escape From Tarkov. Let’s start with some good news for the EFT lovers. The first tarkov shop launched this year in June.  You can buy your favorite tarkov tee shirts, hoodies, caps and a lot more. Just visit the site to check out their cool stuff.

Now coming to the debate, 

To describe the game in three words, EFT is all about loot, gears, trade. But it is not a game you can ace on the first attempt. It needs some practice and failures to understand which approach to take. It is evident from the game name that Tarkov is a dangerous place and coming out alive from that place will be your achievement. 

Some gamers might argue that Escape From Tarkov is an evolution of Battle Royale rather than being original. Others think it is far superior to be compared to Battle Royale. Agree or not, EFT does have some elements of Battle Royale but it is awesome in its way. We would rather call it an up-gradation.

Here we have collected some reasons as to why we think Escape From Tarkov has upgraded from Battle Royale.

  • On EFT, the intention is not to kill everyone on the way unlike other games that will headcount your kills to receive points. Here you need to decide your motive and play with a strategy. If you are all about winning quests, you have to be competent enough for several combats. If you want to earn some roubles to cash later, it will have a different strategy. Nevertheless, the challenges are high in both cases. Once you get a grip, you will never get enough of EFT.
  • Loosing in this game hits hard. Once your bag is loaded, the escape and fight to survival are what keeps the adrenaline rush. Because getting killed means losing everything, from gear to the stacks of cash you looted with so much effort. This is not the case in Battle Royale as loosing won’t take away your points.
  • Unlike others, ETF has an elaborate inventory. You will find every possible item, from Rifles, shotguns, pistol to cheese, meds, condensed milk. Buy them at auction rates in tarkov shop. None of the items are useless. The detailing of this kind of inventory is very impressive. It is something you’ll not find in Battle Royale.
  • You have to be careful about your health on ETF. It is not just about shooting and kill. It has a sophisticated health system that you won’t find in any FPS game. You will have to deal with blood loss, blood pressure, fractures on limbs, hydration, exhaustion, fatigue, disorientation, and the list goes on. All of these will influence your performance.  There isn’t a single first aid option to heal the injuries. Medicines like painkillers, morphine injectors, antibiotic pills, aseptic bandage, etc.  are needed to treat each of them separately. You will either acquire them during your loot or buy them with roubles.
  • ETF is a fairly complex game that is still under construction and that only pro-level players will savor. If you an experienced FPS player, then you might start with a pre-judged notion until the challenges knock your socks off. Well, that’s the fun part. 
  • Do you know what’s even better? There is a chance to earn real money through ETF.  You can sell the extra roubles you collect in the game for real dollars in. Here a virtual game brings real-life interests. 

While it does take some inspiration from the Battle Royale and other FPS games, it is a far more realistic game you’ll ever play.