That’s what it all boils down to these days. Who has it and how can you get it. Over the past 20 years, new tax’s have appeared, old ones have gone up, and prices are just outrageous. Now with the change of Government, we are losing benefits, VAT is going up, and jobs are being cut. What does this mean for us? More of OUR money is being spent to cover these things. Which means we end up with little or no money.

Now if I ask you the question ‘How can you get money?’ you might answer ‘Get a job’ or ‘Sell your stuff’. Well, they are both right, but both have flaws. With the first one, there are very little jobs left to go for. And even when a job does pop up, u will need the right qualifications and previous experience in a field similar to the one you are applying for. Plus, there are probably hundreds of other people who are out of work too, and will apply for every job available. Now if you are a student like me, this makes things very difficult. With the second one, there are only so many things you can sell. It doesn’t matter how many items you have in your house, eventually you will run out of them.

But there are simpler ways to make money. Ways that don’t invlove you selling anything you own, or applying to work 5 hours a day, 5 times a week. This is surveys. Survey websites are all over the internet. Each one of them is different, credit you with different things, etc.

Below are my two favorite survey sites. They are different to each other, but give you the same thing.

  1. Opinion World

Probably my favorite of all survey sites. Every day you will get at least 4 surveys that are specifically for you, depending upon what you put when you registered. You will get an email from the website saying that a survey is available for you, however once you have completed it, you get an option of whether to continue with another survey, even though you haven’t received any more emails. This means that even though you see only 1 survey available to you, at the end of the day you might have filled out 5 or 6, bringing in even more money.

When you complete a survey, you are credited in points. 1 point = 1p. So for instance, if you receive a survey that pays out 50 points when you complete it (which is generally the average amount), you will be credited with 50p. This may not seem much, however if you fill out 5 surveys, you would make ¬£2.50. Yet surveys cost different amounts depending upon their length. These 50 points surveys usually take around 5 – 10 mins to complete, yet I have done a many that have taken 20+ mins. But please don’t let this discourage you from checking this out, because there is an upside. The more of these surveys you fill out, the more you will get paid for them. By filling out loads of them, the people who send out these surveys will see that you are a regular participator, and will send more profitable surveys (however these will be longer). Generally a 15 – 20 min survey will credit you with 100 – 150 points. 25 – 30 min surveys will credit you with 200 – 250 points. Because I’ve been doing this for some time, I’ve been getting surveys that take about 40 mins to complete, and I am credited 500 points for it. That’s ¬£5 for just filling out a survey! Not bad eh?

Now in order to be credited, you must donate to a charity. And when I say you, I mean you choose which charity and Opinion World donate money to that charity. You don’t pay anything, they do. That’s what makes this website so great. It helps you earn money whilst helping those in need.

In order for you to get your money, you must have a PayPal account. At first I wasn’t to sure on getting one (mostly because I wasn’t sure I could trust it) however it is very trustworthy. It takes only a couple of minutes to get one, and get your money within the hour. To register or check out the website, paste the link below into your browser.

You may also consider checking some Evergreen Wealth Formula reviews. This is an online course that teaches people to earn money through the Internet. It is one of the reliable and reputable online programs.

  1. Gaming Lagoon

My second favorite website, this is completely different to Opinion World. Instead of filling out surveys, you are given a list of websites to go on and try out their products. Now don’t think that you have to buy things, oh no. Instead you try out things that are downloadable, for example games (web browser games that are small and old fashioned) or software that you can actually use such as disc burning. By downloading these you are credited. But not everything is downloadable. You can also fill out surveys on other sites or fill out quiz’s. You can also be credited for receiving things on your phone, however i would not recommend doing this as it will cost you money, real money, and it’s every week. Honestly it is not worth it. Another good thing about this site is that it has the option of Pay per Click. Simply put, when you click on one of the suggested websites, you will be credited for it.

Now with the crediting system, it is somewhat confusing at first but I will line it out for you. There are two types of currency – cash and points. Each thing you do you will be credited with one of the two. Of course the more serious the thing your needed to do, the more you will be credited. You can also change one type of currency into another, for example if you wanted more cash then you can exchange the points that you have into cash. Now you can choose what you want in terms of being credited. If you want cash, then just send it into your PayPal account (that’s right you will need one). If you want gifts or prizes, then you can buy them with the points and cash that you have. Some prizes cost points while others cost cash. Of course you can also custom order any thing you want, but you need to ask the customer support if you are able to buy it. Just be aware though this site is aimed more at gamers than regular panelists.

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