Demystifying The Silk Press About Non-Chemical Straightening Treatment

The silk press is one of the modern-day take-ups on a press and the curl (pretty much a ‘90s manner to straighten the afro hair that conventionally used plenty of heat and oil). It gives organic hair the look of being relaxed and untroubled and does not use any sort of harsh chemicals. It is all about the temperature, technique, and products. It is ideal for people with thick or/ and coarse hair. It has been around and in the reckoning for some years but has lately become pretty popular for people who wish to switch up the style without really using any kind of permanent treatment, permitting organic hair to be straight, sleek, and full of movements.

Why You May Need A Silk Press

Following the several years of your hair damage cause of over-straightening, one would get desperate in need of the big chop and TLC. You may go on to explore your options; will you relax (chemically straighten) your hair? After teenage experimentation and a few years to grow your hair back, this could well be a definite no. Perchance try the Keratin treatment? Sounds excellent, but the chances of it ruining your curl pattern? Eh… So, this would leave you with an easy choice where you may think of trying the silk pressing.

How does this silk press work on your hair?

This in extremely important for you to learn and know how does the silk press work before you go in a salon without any prior knowledge. And when you go in there with a bit of prior knowledge you’ll have a slight idea of what’s all happening in there. So, here’s presenting you all with the steps that include the functioning of silk pressing-

Step 1: A complete wash

Your barber would explain you the significance of complete cleansing your hair to eliminate any build-up of past product and the residue, the hair needs to be squeaky clean in order to prevent any sort of heat damage.

Step 2: Extensive conditioning treatment

After your hair is washed, your barber will use a thorough conditioning treatment, some nourishing conditioner, to add that moisture back into your locks. Not only that will help to strengthen and nourish your hair, it will also smell like a pure heaven – yes, that unmistakable product scent from a salon . Formulated with the blend of pegui, argan, and buriti oils, it’ll be the apt remedy for your hair that needs to be blasted with the dryer for about 30 minutes.

Step 3: The Blow-dry

The important step for an impressive silk press rests with nailing the blow-dry. For this, the heat protector is indeed a must. Your barber will apply the some Oil Style Improving Oil, a guarding oil that will help to speed up that drying process while adding shine. The moment your hair is apparently blown dry to its max straight capacity, you need fewer strokes of the straighteners; meaning you will be left with the smoother feel and less of the heat damage.

Step 4: Straightening

This is the moment you will go dreading, as your barber will parted your hair into a small section you will get a feeling that you’ll be in that chair for some while. Apparently, you will realise that there will be a method to this madness, steady and slow definitely wins any race. The barber will use straighteners, that willl have titanium plate that is smoother than the ceramic and will result in less of damage to your hair cuticle. It does not have to be the specific ones, though.

Barber will press your hair with the temperature of about 200 degrees celsius right from the root to a tip section via section, this will allow the heat to gett distributed evenly which will result in a pretty smoother finish.

How long will the silk press last?

Now there must be this question running in your brain that says- how long does a silk press last?

Generally the silk press usually lasts for about two to few weeks – or maybe for as long as one do not wash their hair. And having said that, a slight drop of a moisture in one’s hair and it may revert back to the natural texture. You must learn to love wearing the silk wrap to your bed and become a best friend with your brolly in order to make sure you keep that moisture away.

Who can go on to have the silk press?

The silk press generally suits people with a naturally coarse or/and thick hair. And, if you are someone who’s keen on trying then you should give it a go.

That’s all you have in here to learn and understand about the silk pressing. To learn more, you may look over the internet.