Cosmetic Surgery India Now And Then – Learn About The Results!!

High cost in cosmetic surgery

Beauty is expensive. The price you pay to be beautiful depends on how much you’re willing to spend on aesthetic surgery or more commonly known as cosmetic surgery. When we hear the words cosmetic surgery, we often associate it with movie stars and the affluent. How expensive the price per procedure depends on one country. Cosmetic surgery London like breast augmentation costs around £4500 [$6822].

In Dubai cosmetic surgery price for one liposuction procedure is about £2,500 [$3790]. Cosmetic surgery Sydney price for liposuction is much more expensive.

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Cosmetic surgery India made affordable

Dubbed as a ‘high class hangover’, cosmetic surgery traditionally for upper class society is slowly having a mainstream popularity in middle class people. Also, men and women from the middle class group are opting for aesthetic plastic procedures to enhance their looks in order to grab lucrative jobs, better marriage proposals or just too simply boost ones self confidence. Cosmetic surgery India has become so popular because of this trend that the business side is in a rise and more competitive. Although cosmetic surgery business has been going for a long time in India, the past five years have witnessed a positive growth in Indian cosmetic or aesthetic surgery market.

The main reason for this is increasing demand for cosmetic procedures on urban cities’ population like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Chandigarh. In 2007 cosmetic surgery India has brought around $100 million [approximately Rs 460 crores] in revenues. The Indian aesthetic industry (including both invasive and non-invasive cosmetic surgeries) states a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 33.8 per cent in terms of revenue generation. Also one of the factors of this growth is the medical tourism. With so many information you could look in the internet one can have a quality surgery at a good price.

India has become one of the most sought after destination among medical tourists looking for cosmetic surgery abroad. Be it invasive or non-invasive surgery, the high qualifications of the surgeons, astounding health care providers, advance medical procedures. India has established itself as a world class leader providing best cosmetic surgery. One of the most important reasons they prefer India as a cosmetic surgery destination is the language for many medical tourists. The surgeons, nurses, and other staffs speak fluently in English and thus under going a cosmetic surgery in India is easy and convenient.

When you talk about the price, a regular tummy tuck would only cost £2658 [$4030], liposuction £2095 [$3175], breast augmentation £3399 [$5150]. These prices are promotional for tourists, that includes the stay in a hotel (depends on the procedure) and your own English speaking personnel that will pick you up at the airport. A package like this makes cosmetic surgery India a demand in the world of medical tourism. With an annual growth rate of 30%, medical tourism has been constantly growing in India. The medical tourism in India will make it a $200 million industry by 2015.

The high demand in cosmetic surgery has come to play a big role, on the price competition of all the hospitals or clinics in India. Because of this a regular middle class person can afford an aesthetic plastic surgery to look beautiful or restore their looks. The cosmetic surgery India market will also benefit from the media, for making people aware of the importance of being beautiful. As the demand for high quality, low cost cosmetic surgery procedure grows. India will be at the top of the crop with their state-of-the art hospitals and cosmetic surgery centers.