Complete Facts Related To The Varicose And The Spider Veins

Varicose veins are mainly the swollen blood vessels found on the surface of the person’s skin. These are the twisted blood vessels between the top and the middle layer of the skin. Their color is generally found to be either blue or red. Varicose veins are also quite painful and uncomfortable for the person.

Though they are painful, it does not mean that they are dangerous for the person. On the contrary, if the person gets their treatment on time, they can be recovered at an early stage only.

Who typically faces the problem of the varicose veins?

Generally, there are no criteria for the occurrence of varicose veins. But in the case the person faces such an issue, he should get the answer to the question do I need a referral to see a vein specialist? Then only go for the further procedure. Certain factors play a crucial role in the occurrence of varicose veins that includes:

  • Age

This is the first factor that results in the formation of varicose veins. As the person’s age grows, the person’s veins start weakening, due to which these types of veins come.

  • Gender

As per the research, it is believed that females are known to have high chances of the occurrence of varicose veins. Especially at the time of the pregnancy, as they carry high weight, the varicose and the spider veins occur more frequently.

  • Family history

Heredity is one of the most significant reasons responsible for these kinds of issues.

  • The lifestyle of the people

These days the routine of the people is such that either they have to sit or stand for the more extended period. As per the research, it is believed that this is also one of the reasons that are responsible for the occurrence of these types of veins.

  • Use of tambaco

Consumption of the tambaco among the young generation has increased a lot. People usually love to have tobacco at parties. It is an advisable option for the person to avoid using these kinds of drinks if they wish to avoid the occurrence of any varicose veins.

These are the various causes that result in the formation of the varicose veins in the different body parts of the person. First of all in the everyday lifestyle a person should avoid the above causes as they will work to prevent them. But if then also the face with any the issues it will be the best option for the person to think do i need a referral to see a vein specialist? If the situation demands, then consulting the doctors will be best.

In case the varicose or the spider veins are in smaller quantities, then they will suggest for the tubes to get the relief, but in case these types of veins have increased, then there is no other solution but to get the surgery done for that part of the body.

Symptoms of the varicose and spider veins

In case if any of the varicose and the spider veins occur on the different body parts of the person, it can be detected with the various systems. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Itching

Typically itching is the everyday activity that the person will have to undergo if he is faced with any spider or varicose vein.

  • Pain

A person will have to face severe pains that are not easy for the person to bear. This pain will signify that the person is facing with these veins.

  • Swelling

Even the swelling on that part of the body occurs on which these veins are there. The swelling of the part will make the person feel uncomfortable for a more extended period.

  • Skin ulcers

In case if these types of veins are not treated on time, then, in that case, the person will have to face skin ulcers. These ulcers can prove harmful for the person in the long run.

These are some of the symptoms that will provide a gateway to the person who is facing the spider veins. Hopefully, it is quite clear that if these veins are adequately treated, they will not give pain or discomfort to the person for an extended period.