Comparison Of Mining Contracts

The Payment Structure for an Indefinite Contract is as follows:

  • 70% Bi-Weekly Payout
  • 25% Re-investment Fund
  • Paid after maintenance fee

A small maintenance fee (about 5% estimated) is used for Lease Space, Electric, Staffing, etc at our Data Center.

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This round of contracts will be used to purchase the upcoming Cointerra TerraMiner IV, a 2TH/s unit which will be released in January 2014, although our orders are expected to ship in February.

Contract class A, B, C has been sold out. Class D is on sale as of 12/06/2013 with the sale number of 273 out of 2,200. The expected delivery time of the hardware of class D is May 2014, which is after the major upgrade of KncMiner 3TH. There is no hurry to buying into this contract yet as you can read more about it through the bitcoin arbitrage app. The ‘D’ contracts will have to wait for their hardware is delivered before they become active.

If the difficulty is at 1 billion, then with the hardware we have due around February, we’d be able to generate almost 4btc per day (2.6btc based on 1.5 billion is my preferred figure). Based on contracts A-C already sold, each Indefinite would earn between 0.0048 – 0.0032 per contract and the price of an Indefinite D is just 0.0097 at the moment. (1yrs would be 0.0019-0.0016, they cost half as much to buy and still on the lower 60% rather than 90% they’d end up at nearer the end of their 1yr term).

We’ve been running on a pool called BTCGuild for the past month or so Since midnight UTC, we’ve mined the following 6 Dec 2013 01:00 0.00728217btc 490432 583.88GH 6 Dec 2013 02:00 0.03707909btc 492544 587.25GH 6 Dec 2013 03:00 0.02280915btc 481152 575.41GH 6 Dec 2013 04:00 0.00775097btc 475456 567.09GH

This numbers suggest 0.44952828btc per day for 4400 contracts OR 600GH/s. According to the current total network hash rate of 7383486GH/s, this is also consistent with the expected output of 0.29254474btc. The number of ROI days is 167 days.

1-Year Contracts

A 1-Year Contract uses a “tiered” payment structure. They have a heavy Re-investment rate in the beginning to build a stronger network but offer a much higher payment rate as the contract progresses. This results in smaller Bitcoin payments in the beginning but Progresses exponentially to much higher payments during the second half of the Contract. The main focus of 1-Year Contracts vs Indefinite Contracts is to have a higher annual yield (about 25-30% higher) but does not offer “lifetime” Bitcoin payments like the Indefinite Contracts.

A 1-Year Contract has a specific end date (after 26 bi-weekly payments). As with Indefinite Contracts, 1-Year Contracts also have a limited number of Contracts available. We are currently offering a maximum of 1,200 Contracts. The number of Contracts per person/address is limited to 50 Contracts. Since everything at Progressive Mining is 100% Anonymous, we must use an honor system and ask that one party does not try to purchase more than 50 Contracts. The reason for this limit is to allow as many people the opportunity to purchase our high yield Contracts as possible.

The Payment Structure for a 1-Year Contract is as follows:

1st Quarter:

  • 50% Bi-Weekly Payout
  • 50% Re-investment Fund
  • Paid after Maintenance Fee

2nd Quarter:

  • 60% Bi-Weekly Payout
  • 40% Re-Investment Fund
  • Paid after Maintenance Fee

3rd Quarter:

  • 80% Bi-Weekly Payout
  • 20% Re-Investment Fund
  • Paid after Maintenance Fee

4th Quarter:

  • 90% Bi-Weekly Payout
  • 10% Re-Investment Fund
  • Paid after Maintenance Fee

A small maintenance fee (about 5% estimated) is used for Lease Space, Electric, Staffing, etc at our Data Center

The number of Class B 1-year contracts is 383. There are not many demands for the 1-year contract.

We are collecting the price history of the contracts.


SKU: 1YR4GHOCT2013 / Product Availability: Yes /

With a Silver 1 year contract, you make a one-time payment and will receive payments from your contract for a 12 month period. It is an excellent, cost-effective way of earning bitcoins.

Processing Power: 4 Gigahash/s

Sales price without tax:$275.95

Economy analysis

At the processing power of 4 Gigahas/s, the expected output of this contract currently is 0.00195029btc per day. At the current price of $1003 per BTC, we have a return of $1.96 per day. At the current rate of 90 days 90% depreciation as the difficulty increases, the total output is $25.89. That is -94% ROI.