The world has come a long way with many scientific and technological breakthroughs all around but one thing that remains constant is the cycle of birth and death among living beings alongwith the joys and sorrows they go through to reflect the day and night time.

Childhood is the first and perhaps the most enjoyable phase of life where there are no worries or tensions to worry about as that is taken care of by parents and elders which is why most children end up getting spoiled because their parents spare the rod on them.

Nevertheless, almost everyone experience the same childhood if you don’t count certain incidents and tragedies that shape your life forever but this isn’t about those grisly tidings but one of enjoyment because it involves video games.


The 80s and 90s generation is considered the luckiest of all as they are considered the crossover that got to witness old school life with no smartphones and digital mediums with normal stuff like landlines, comic books, video games, old television set, listening to music on radio and transistor, etc.

On the other hand, they got to witness the change from old to new when they witnessed the digital and social media revolution unfold before their eyes and were the first to experience the joy of buying a smartphone with megapixel cameras and high definition videos.

The video games found their way into our mobile phones from PS4 and Xbox 360 with Clash Royale leading the pack that had some of the best card games that you could ever play.

Clash Royale is considered royalty because it took an entire generation into its grasp and is currently in its 9th season and we are going to look at some of the best things to have come out here.

The is truly a once in a life time phenomenon as season 9 brought in and the series unfolded with different levels by going from strength to strength but this was special as it was launched on the 4th anniversary of Clash Royale that is 4th March 2020.

Guiding Tips

The decks have been set for launch and there is a new spell to look forward to with a defense strategy that has proven to be beneficial to the players in question as they have impressive line ups to tackle the opponents with an iron fist without the need to worry about casualties.

For the players that are on the defensive side, Royal Delivery is an excellent spell that can drive back several opponents at the same time that would provide a great boost to the King Level which is why it is also called the defensive spell.

Supercell has made it clear that the spell is not for provocative attacks as that would go against the nature of any protagonist, who is always know to attack in self defense and fight back for the well being of his subjects.

Cannon Cart and Mega Knight can vanquish the most prominent warriors as it has unattainable powers as the levels progress and you can witness them once you get to them.

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