CBD As A Treatment For Seniors With Insomnia

Our sleep patterns naturally change as our bodies grow older. More often than not, it becomes harder to sleep the older you get. Having said that, the daily sleep requirements remain the same. This can lead to problems – having a hard time sleeping at night causes serious health problems since the human body needs sleep for its wellbeing.

A lot of elderly and grown ups are not pleased with the quality of their sleep. As a result of a terrible night’s sleep, you will feel more fatigued and tired the next day. Research has also found out that older people need more time to get to sleep, and being awoken more easily. Additionally, there is an overall drop in REM phase of sleep, which is a major factor in sleep quality. These findings support the belief that older people are more prone to develop sleeping problems such as insomnia. 

One of the remedies for insomnia is cannabidiol (CBD). In this article, we will discuss the effectiveness of CBD as a treatment for older people who suffer from sleep problems. If you have already tried cutting down your coffee consumption among other things but still have trouble sleeping, we got you covered. Without further ado, let’s start:

Can CBD really treat your insomnia?

If your sleeping problems are induced by outside factors or health problems, CBD could help by addressing the root or the source of your sleeping disorder. 

Sleep issues can occur due to excessive consumption of caffeinated drinks or physical problems such as chronic pain. There are also external factors that can make sleeping hard, such as an unpleasant mattress, bright lighting in your bedroom, or deafening sounds coming from outside the house. Psychological health issues including depressive disorders, stress, and anxiety as well as post-traumatic stress disorder might also cause insomnia. Having said that, the medication for these mental problems also have a possibility of causing sleeping problems themselves.

The positive effects of CBD on dealing with insomnia

CBD can assist in the treatment of insomnia brought on by the problems listed above. CBD is mainly helpful for dealing with insomnia which is attributable to outside causes. Because CBD can relieve the discomfort brought by chronic pain as well as stress and anxiety, it can possibly be a good choice for dealing with insomnia. However, if the cause of your sleeping problems are factors such as an uncomfortable bed or noisy surroundings, CBD might not be very effective.


Before using CBD as a treatment for insomnia, you first need to find out the exact cause of your sleeping problems. CBD can treat the root cause of insomnia, allowing you to sleep better at night. However, you need to find out the source of your sleeping problem first. If you are having trouble sleeping, be sure to check these sleep supplements – Calm by Wellness, CBDmd, Pure Hemp Botanicals, and Life Bloom Organics. They are CBD products that are made specifically for easing sleeping problems.