If you want to burn body fat, all you have to do is eat less than what your body needs. Creating a deficit will allow your body to burn more. However, for those who enjoy eating, healthily I hope, you may want to consider working out.

The thing to realize is that if you’re eating healthy, you don’t really even need to workout to be healthy. Simple walking will give you all the exercise you need. But if you want to go above baseline and get a body that turns heads, you’ll want to spend some time lifting actual weight.

Now you can choose to do this in a gym or at your own home gym (I prefer the latter sometimes). I try to scream this into people’s heads, you can’t get healthy by lifting weights. Health and fitness are TWO SEPARATE things. Fit people aren’t always healthy (look at any bodybuilder or someone like Lance Armstrong). And visa versa, healthy people aren’t always fit.

Personally, I strive to be both.

Luckily for you, Craig Ballantyne is willing to share a few workout tips that will allow you to burn more calories and gain some muscle in the process. I don’t think I’ve met anybody who doesn’t want to have more muscle mass, so I guess I would have to assume that you would want that as well.

For those of you who don’t know, Craig Ballantyne is the author of the best selling workout system on the internet called Turbulence Training.

In this video, Craig Ballantyne is sharing his hotzone workout which targets both upper and lower body parts equally. After this workout, you’ll feel that you’ve accomplished a lot in achieving your goal of losing weight and building some size and mass.

Craig Ballantyne is one name that is taken with the utmost respect in the health and fitness circles whether it is a gymnasium or an outdoor workout where he has had clients of high repute right from film stars to the children of businessmen as he specializes in getting rid of the extra flab surrounding the waist into a slim trim figure. Even JewelsHealingGarden.com, an excellent fitness and healing technique has vouched for his authentic and original way.

The thing you want to keep in mind is to workout hard. If these workouts are easy for you, add enough weight by using either barbells or dumbbells for them to be physically challenging and exhausting.

Basically punish yourself. Make yourself sweat and be sore the next day. Don’t wuss out and take the easy route. You’re too valuable. You’re worth too much to not give your body the benefit of a strenuous workout.

The workout routine starts with your upperbody muscles, particularly chest presses. You’re going to do 8 repetitions of inclined press. The angle should be about 45 degrees. Push those dumbbells up and in, contracting your upper chest muscles, and down and out. Make sure you slowly lower the weight in order to prevent injuries. Without any rest, proceed with the flat presses. Everything stays the same except for the angle you’re doing the presses.

Make sure to not rest. By not allowing for rest you’re keeping the muscles in suspension and keeping ample blood flow to them. These red blood cells are transporting oxygen and nutrients to these now broken down muscle fibers. Keep your heart rate up and don’t take a break until you’re completely done with the entire circuit.

After doing the presses, proceed directly with the underhand inverted rows. With your body in a straight line, pull your body with your chest up to the bar. Squeeze your shoulder blades together, making sure that you’re working your back. This first superset targets all muscles in your upper body.

Doing full body compound workouts like these will really put your body and muscles to the test.

In the next superset, you’ll need the pair of dumbbells for the dumbbell step-ups and a stability ball for the stability ball rollouts.

In starting the stepups, place one leg on the bench, with dumbbells on the sides. Push yourself up with your lead leg, working your hamstrings and glutes to push yourself up. Then slowly lower yourself back down. Make sure you minimize the push-off of the back leg. All reps should be on one side then switch to the other leg after 8 reps.

This next exercise, the stability ball roll out is going to target your abs. Get down on your knees with the ball in front of you. Put your hands on the ball and stretch your hands to roll out the ball. Then contract to come back up. For this exercise, you can choose the ab wheel as an alternative for this exercise.

The last superset will target your upper muscles again. However, this superset is optional. You should do it if you really want to build up mass on your upper body. I strongly suggest you do this and not skip this part of the workout.

What people don’t realize is the most gains happen on the final two repetitions of any singular exercise. For example, if you’re doing 8 reps of doing bicep curls. On your 8th one you should barely be able to lift that dumbbell. That last one should be about 90% of your max. You should feel your muscle failing. What I’m saying is that reps 7 and 8 are where the growth and gains happen.

So don’t skip this last circuit. You’ve come too far to give up on yourself now.

The first exercise of the optional superset is the inclined dumbbell curls. With a slight incline of the bench, proceed with dumbbell curls. This adds a little more stretch than the ordinary dummbell curls.

The last exercise is the lying tricep extension. This is done with you lying down and holding dumbbells up. Slowly lower the dumbbells toward your head making sure that your triceps do all the work. You can add a little more stretch by lowering the dumbbell more. Slowly raise the dumbbells back to its original position.

There you have it, with these simple supersets, you’ll be able to burn body fat at no time.

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