Blogging to make money seems basic enough. You have to be a decent writer with a good design to your blog right? Well there is a lot more that you will need to know if you expect to make a decent income from blogging. Many people think that it is easy to make money blogging, but those are usually the ones who give up or fail.
You have to be a decent writer. This is the first step to a good chance of making money. If you can’t write good, find a different way to make money. Or, if you have the spare money, you can hire writers to write for your blog. This isn;t usually an option for people just starting however. Work on your writing skills if you need work. Try rewriting articles you find on the internet. Write articles and submit them to sites like this one. There are many things you can do to get better.

You need a way to monetize the blog. There are so many ways to do this that I can’t list them all in this article. There are some that are very popular and are successful as well. You can try using Google Adsense to make money with your blog. You can become an Amazon Affiliate if you have a blog that is based around products that can be found on Amazon. You can sell advertising space on your website for a certain fee per month. You can sell your own product on your blog. You can have a sponsor section that people pay to be on, due to your blog having a lot of traffic. You can charge other writers to guest post on their blog which makes you money and gives them exposure. There are many other ways as well. The thing that all these methods need to work is traffic.

You will have to market your blog to get new readers as well as people that will make you money. There are many ways to do this. One major method is get an SEO audit here for your blog. This is the best way as search engine traffic is the highest source for free. You can market your blog through sites like Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks if you have many friends, fans, or followers. You can market your blog at places like Yahoo Answers. The point is, you will need to develop steady streams of traffic to make any money at all.

As you can see, blogging to make money isn’t as easy as people may think. It is a long term process, but if done right, can bring in loads of money. Once you have one established blog, you can build more and make even more money. The limits are unreachable so get to blogging!

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